(Idaho Division of Veterans Services Press Release, March 6, 2023)

A partnership of public and private organizations and individuals including Idaho Veterans Network, Joining Forces, Idaho Division of Veterans Services, and Find Help would like to announce the launch of the IdahoVeteransGuide.org.

The Idaho Veterans Guide is an amazing new online resource for veterans and their families in need of assistance. With this free and open network, veterans can now access a variety of resources from anywhere in the United States. All programs listed are provided at low or no cost and users can search anonymously on a platform compliant with HIPPA, FERPA and HITrust.

Organizations can also list their programs for free to support their local veterans. In doing so, they will also have access to valuable tools to support those programs such as intake forms and scheduling. Quarterly analytic updates will help these program providers focus their efforts on the areas they are needed the most, as well as the state as a whole.

With no advertisements or sponsors, the Idaho Veterans Guide is a one-stop-shop for veterans and their families to find the assistance and support they need with dignity and ease.

For more information, visit IdahoVeteransGuide.org.


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