(Pocatello for Accountable Government Entities, March 9, 2023)

Mayor Blad is making the rounds to explain his decision to eliminate public comment.

He was even interviewed on the Neil and Julie NewsTalk radio show this week during which he told their listeners that only six Idaho cities have public comment. (FYI – There are approximately 195 Idaho cities in total.)
That’s so absurd, it is unbelievable that no one has had the guts to challenge him on it! It’s quite easy to pull up agendas on city websites. The truth? We looked at the top 15 populated Idaho cities (using 2021 U.S Census quick fact numbers) and 12 of the 15 cities have public comment. Pocatello was one of three out of that grouping that currently doesn’t. We easily found 8 more cities with public comments just randomly looking.
If you want to know the root of the problems that plague our city, this illustrates it. False information that is not verified nor confronted.

This is exactly why public comment needs to be restored. Pocatello, we can do better at holding our leaders accountable.


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