(Pocatello for Accountable Government Entities, March 16, 2023)

At today’s 03/16/2023 Bannock County Work Session, Commissioner John Crowder expressed his desire to hold spending flat recognizing there are justifiable needs in departments. He emphasized prioritizing relief for the taxpayer due to high property taxes and inflation. He suggested using ARPA money to help address some of the County’s deferred maintenance projects as those costs continue to rise with time and that this might free up some budgetary dollars. Additional budgetary discussions took place between the Commissioners.


It was a refreshing level of honest discussion we have yet to hear in a City budgeting meeting.

03/16/23 Bannock County Video

TIMESTAMP/CUED: STARTS @ 1:15:15 / ENDS @ 1:39:10

03/16/23 Bannock County FULL Video:

Bannock County 03/16/23 Work Session Agenda:

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