March 22, 2023

Pocatello–The Bannock County Board of Commissioners began their annual budget discussions in last Thursday’s work session.  In apparent recognition of Commissioner Crowder’s prior financial experience, both Chairman Moser and Commissioner Hough urged him to open the conversation.

Crowder began by stressing his commitment to holding county spending at current levels.  “The people who elect us are dealing with some significant issues with respect to their budgets,” he said, “so my highest priority with respect to looking at the budget for the county is how can we ensure that we are not adding to the burden of our constituents.”  He advised seeking grant funding to assist with necessary expenses, as well as encouraging departments to compensate for needed spending by reducing their spending in other areas.

After some discussion, the Commissioners and County Clerk Jason Dixon agreed to maintain county spending at its current levels, and to encourage departments to find savings through increased efficiency and natural attrition.  Crowder also advised conducting reviews of both the county’s processes and the county’s unused properties.

The Board of Commissioners will continue their budget discussions throughout the week.  Those discussions will be live-streamed on the Bannock County YouTube channel, here.  The Commissioners welcome community input during the process.  You can share your budget priorities with them through the Commissioners’ contact form on the Bannock County website, here.

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