(From the Desk of Senator James E. Risch, March 24, 2023)

Once again, President Biden reaffirmed his radical agenda, echoing previous White House calls to breach the lower Snake River dams in the name of “conservation,” all while confusing the Columbia and Colorado rivers.

comprehensive, scientific process made clear dam breaching on the lower Snake River is completely unnecessary and unwarranted. I’ve said this many times before, and I will keep saying it until that sinks in.

To protect the operations of the entire Columbia River Power System from both this administration’s pseudoscience and activist litigation, I introduced legislation that would ensure the lower Snake River dams —and the rest of the hydropower infrastructure on the Columbia River — can continue to provide reliable and clean energy and support the region’s transportation, agriculture, and irrigation needs long into the future.

I remain adamantly opposed to breaching the dams.


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