March 26, 2023

Dear Editor:

There is a bill being presented to the Idaho Senate this week, possibly as early as Monday, titled HB314: THE CHILDREN’S SCHOOL AND LIBRARY PROTECTION ACT.

This bill requires public and school libraries to take reasonable steps in restricting children’s access to obscene or harmful material, such as material that is considered to be pornographic or sexual in nature.

As a librarian myself, I am truly concerned and shocked to see some of the books being bought for our library and labeled as appropriate for children.  These books are sexually explicit and sexually graphic.

These books are so obscene and sexually graphic that if they were made into a movie, it could not even be rated R.  They show children performing oral sex acts on each other. There are chapters of men having sex with children.  It’s time to protect children from this pornography.

Some people are saying this is “banning books”.  It is not, though.  Libraries can still keep the books.  They will just need to keep books in a place where children can’t access them.  In our library we have a restricted room for Book Club Books.  So why not use the room for these books too?

Here is Jaron Crane, the sponsor of the bill, speaking about HB314:

Please write our Idaho Senators today and tell them to vote YES on HB314!  (You can use this link to send your email.)

Thank you.

Vickie Christensen,

(These comments are my own, and do not represent the library or city of Pocatello.)



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