April 14, 2023

Do We Need to Defend Immorality?

By: David George

I am always puzzled when I hear people step forward to defend pornographic production or consumption, as if the industry or practice needed defending.

My perspective of liberty – which has born out to be true in my own life as well as the stage of history – is that when people use their liberty to commit degrading or destructive acts, it brings destruction in and of itself, inevitably.

There might be an argument to be made, that government does not have a role to play in regulating or forbidding the “sex trade.”

But apart from that, within the sphere of our own liberty and conscience, we can easily make the decision to discourage people (especially our own children) from participating in the sex trade. We can EASILY and REASONABLY make the argument that such activities are absolutely destructive, debasing, vile, degenerate, predatory, perverted, and even evil.



Moreover, it is worth pointing out that America was founded on “moral legislation,” meaning state laws that condemned adultery, lasciviousness, fornication, sodomy, prostitution, and a slew of other behaviors. Those laws were the chosen laws of the founding generation, which were formulated and consented to by “the People.” In the centuries since, we have steadily walked that type of legislation back – and I would make the argument that we have NOTHING to show for it but misery and sorrow. Divorce rates, skyrocketing abortion statistics, hook-up culture, feminism, the LGBTQ movement, etc. etc.

In my mind, any person defending pornography might as well be making the argument that we CAN choose to drive ourselves off the edge of a cliff, if we so choose. We CAN participate in the sex trade, as things stand – but we might as well shoot ourselves in the foot.

Surely the idea that “we have enough rope to hang ourselves” applies to what we do within the scope of liberty.

And Liberty brings the potential for absolute self-destruction, by definition.

I would prefer to hear more voices argue us away from the edge of a cliff rather than push us towards it.

David George is an independent journalist who specializes in investigative journalism about Idaho politics.  He lives in East Idaho.




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