April 17, 2023

Vaccinologist Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccines, has a well-earned reputation as a staunch advocate of medical integrity and patient-focused care.  Though he is best known for his efforts to draw attention to the dangers of the currently-used mRNA vaccines, his Substack articles address a broad range of current topics.  His most recent, “Rapid-onset Gender Dysphoria” (ROGD): Cohort and contagion effects from novel social pressures, shines a bold light on the financial and societal factors that contribute to the recent rise in transgenderism.

First, Dr. Malone explains that contentment with one’s biological gender is now perceived as evil: “A large minority of kids have developed a belief system whereby they, as a group, espouse that being a normal biological female or male is akin to being immoral and evil.”  To change one’s gender, therefore, is to become good.

Next, he cites a Pew Research article from June of 2022, which concludes that nearly 5% of American youth claim to be a gender different than the one they were born into.  “That is over 2.58 million more people,” writes Malone, “who will are or will be considering transgender surgeries!”  These surgeries aren’t cheap, either–the U.S. Military estimates the average cost to be $132,000 for the full package, not including hormone treatments or follow-up care.  “This is big business,” Malone points out.  “So who profits from this new mind contagion?  Most notably hospitals, surgeons, physicians, healthcare workers, insurance companies and big pharma are making huge amounts of profit from kids and adults ‘transitioning’ from one sex to another.”  At this point, most insurance companies are not required to cover the cost of transitioning, but Malone expects that to change in the near future.



A third piece of the puzzle is marketing.  Dr. Malone states that the money to be made has apparently led the health care industry to lobby “medical organizations, specialty boards, insurance agencies, government institutions – including both HHS and DoJ (civil rights), state legislatures, WEF, UN and big tech to organize and coordinate the efforts to normalize these surgeries and procedures, under the banner of ‘transgender rights’.”  This in turn led to “deployment of a fifth-gen warfare campaign to brainwash the youth of this country that changing one’s sex is a necessary step to adulthood.”

A key player in the push to normalize sex change, says Malone, is the Human Rights Campaign, developer of the Corporate Equality Index (CEI) scoring system.  This system is used to measure how queer-friendly corporations are.  Higher-scoring businesses receive preferential treatment; lower-scoring companies can find themselves shut out of university job fairs, pension funds, and index funds.  The use of trans activists like Dylan Mulvaney to promote products is an important factor in raising a company’s CEI score, according to a NY Post article Malone cites.

In closing, Malone poses a series of questions:

Between the big money to be made by the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, insurance and big tech, how do we stand a chance of turning this around?

How do we fight back, and even more importantly, how to do we protect our children and young adults from these atrocities being “marketed” using fifth generation warfare technology, strategies and tactics?

How do we get young families to recognize the danger that this poses for their children?

Music, dark humor, exposes, news stories and good scientific data seem to be the best solutions for waking people up. But will this be enough?

The full article can be read on Dr. Malone’s Substack, here.



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