(Bannock County Press Release, April 20, 2023)

BANNOCK COUNTY, Idaho – The Bannock County Sheriff’s Office recently entered into an agreement with the Pocatello Police Department and the Chubbuck Police Department to share a singular emergency alert system.

In the event of an emergency, Bannock County can now request assistance from PPD or CPD to send an emergency alert if necessary. An example of this would include large-scale events where multiple agencies are needed to respond, such as fires, evacuations, and public safety issues.

Authorized dispatchers for the three law enforcement agencies will be able to alert residents in the immediate area using the Integrated Public Alert & Warning System, or IPAWS.

IPAWS is FEMA’s national system for alerting the public of local emergencies and life-saving information through radio, television, and mobile phones using Wireless Emergency Alerts.


Residents and visitors do not need to sign up to receive emergency alerts. Anyone using a compatible mobile device within the geotargeted area of the emergency will receive the alert on their phone.

“However, I encourage everyone to sign up for emergency alerts and weather warnings for your neighborhood or your family’s neighborhood. That way, if an emergency happens while you’re at work or out of town, you will still receive the alert,” said Wes Jones, Emergency Director.

To sign up to receive emergency alerts and weather warnings for a specific area, visit bannock.myfreealerts.com. These alerts are provided free of charge; however, standard text messaging rates and other charges may apply.

This agreement was made possible through the collaboration of the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office, Pocatello Police Department, Pocatello Fire Department, Chubbuck Police Department, Chubbuck Fire Department, Bannock County Ambulance District, Dispatch Working Committee, Bannock County IT Director Adam McKinney, and the Bannock County Office of Emergency Management.


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