(Idaho Transportation Department Press Release, April 24, 2023)

POCATELLO – With the arrival of spring rains, the Idaho Transportation Department is reminding motorists to be aware of road hazards, flooding, and mud slides. This winter Idaho has seen an above average amount of snow. As that snow melts road conditions can rapidly deteriorate.

Flooding is most likely along rivers and streams below mountainous areas with heavy snowpack, but flash flooding can occur anywhere. Rapid thawing and rain can cause waterways to overflow their banks and across roads with very little warning. Motorists are reminded not to try to drive through a flooded road. There is no way to know what hazards may be beneath the water or how deep it may be. “Turn around don’t drown” is wise advice, particularly when it only takes six inches of water to cause a passenger vehicle to stall or lose control.




If your vehicle should stall in flood waters, the wisest decision is to abandon the vehicle if you can do so safely and move to higher ground. Floods can rise quickly, and a vehicle may float into rivers or other dangers should it become trapped.

Along with flooding come other road hazards such as mud slides and rock fall. In mountainous areas slow down and watch closely for rock on the road. If water is running off a hill and across the road do not cross the water. Such flows can quickly turn into a mudslide and trap you and your passengers in your vehicle.

Finally, if you should come across a flooded or washed-out road contact local law enforcement to inform them of the hazard. They will coordinate with ITD or county agencies to close the road and begin the work to make it safe again. Check 511.idaho.gov or the 511 app before traveling to confirm roads are open.


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