(Greg Pruett Press Release, April 27, 2023; Cover Image credit: Dustin Hurst FB)

Boise, ID – Two longtime voices in conservative politics, Greg Pruett and Dustin Hurst, are partnering to produce Freedom Bros, a podcast focused on the upcoming 2024 election and other weighty political matters.

The first episode of the Freedom Bros podcast will stream live on May 4, starting at 9 PM MT on the Keep Idaho Free FacebookTwitter, and YouTube pages. Episodes will also be available on Spotify, Rumble, and other podcasting and media platforms.

The show will stream every Thursday at 9 PM MT.

Pruett and Hurst are uniquely suited to opine on Idaho politics, as each has spent more than a decade fighting establishment politicians, telling hard truths during campaigns, and winning battles to keep Idaho a free place to live.

“2024 is right around the corner, and I’m excited to partner with Dustin in exposing liberal candidates who insist on lying to Idahoans about who they truly are,” Pruett said Thursday. “I know Dustin loves trolling liberals as much as I do.”



Hurst echoed the excitement about the new project. “Greg is a patriot, a good friend, a cherished ally in the fight to save Idaho from fake Republicans and leftists,” Hurst said. “Together, we hope to speak the truth media pundits and dishonest politicians don’t want Idahoans to hear. And, we’ll have fun mocking liberals like Sen. Geoff Schroeder and Brian Holmes along the way.”

Pruett serves as President of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, Idaho’s premier gun rights group. During his tenure there, he persuaded lawmakers to make Idaho a constitutional carry state, helped pass other pro-gun bills, and blocked anti-gun legislation.

Hurst previously served as Vice President of Idaho Freedom Foundation and Idaho Freedom Action, where he helped the Foundation develop and distribute its famed Idaho Freedom Index. He also helped stop myriad bad bills in his time with IFF. He now serves as a Senior Director of Development for People United for Privacy Foundation.

Media inquiries about the project can be sent to greg@keepidahofree.org. Guests who wish to appear on what will soon be Idaho’s top political podcast should make requests via the same email address. You can learn more at freedombrospodcast.com.



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