April 30, 2023

Idaho Falls–Stand Up For Idaho, an Idaho Falls-based nonpartisan citizens’ organization that peacefully and actively advocates for the rights and liberties of all Idaho citizens, is hosting a presentation on protecting children’s innocence at their next Wednesday meeting.  Family Policy Advocate Katie Cook will speak about The New Big Commodity: Your Children.

SUFI’s announcement reads:

The Dangerous Global Movement to De-sensitize and Sexualize the Children of the World.  This is the biggest threat of our day.  It’s not just coming, Idaho.  It’s here and your children are the target.

Katie Cook is a Family Policy Advocate who specializes in researching legislation and policies concerning protection of children and parental rights. She has worked on a variety of projects nationally with the Protect Child Health Coalition which represents over 43 states. Her specialty was creating all 50 state profiles for stopcse.org. As a former sub-contractor for an international non-governmental organization, Katie has dedicated the last six years helping protect the health of children and the family nationally and internationally. One of the most dangerous attacks against the family is the sexualization of children and the separation of children from their parents. This movement starts at the U.N. and trickles down to the U.S. and our communities.

Katie considers herself to be a political refugee from Portland and is a former chair for the Protect Oregon Youth Coalition. Katie wants to warn the parents of Idaho what threats are coming to the state of Idaho, what threats are already here and encourages Idaho to create a coalition so the dangers can be stopped. Idaho must stay a safe refuge. One main focus of Katie’s work is to read and evaluate opposing organizations goals and strategies. And guess what, Idaho is always the target. Come listen and learn about the threats and learn a few strategies on how we can protect Idaho children and families.

Families create cultures and cultures create civilizations.

The class will be held at the Snake River Event Center (Shilo Inn), located at 780 Lindsay Blvd. in Idaho Falls.  Doors open at 5:30 p.m., and the class begins at 6:30 p.m.




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