(City of Pocatello Press Release, May 1, 2023)

The City of Pocatello, US Forest Service (USFS), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG), and Bannock County are looking for continued community feedback and participation on trail accessibility, sustainability, and diversity.  Community members can complete a survey by clicking HERE or downloading the Survey123 app (which allows for offline data entry).

The goal is to protect natural and cultural resources, promote safety, and provide users with opportunities for solitude and stewardship. To learn more about Pocatello Trail Mapping, click HERE.

In 2021, the City created multiple focus groups, which included agencies and stakeholders who enjoyed the outdoors. A draft vision for local trails and an app for assessing how well the trails matched the vision were created.



People can give real-time updates by downloading the app to their phone or tablet. Here is a great How-To video demonstrating how the survey works whether you are using your browser or the app.

Trails can be assessed anonymously through the Survey123 app. All data from this assessment effort will be shared publicly in real-time. Results will be shared with the community this fall once a compiled prioritized list of improvement projects has been created to reflect an official regional trail map for agency review and adoption.

The City and organizers are excited about this opportunity to directly involve the local community in the stewardship of the trails that mean so much to our citizens.

Contact Hannah Sanger, Pocatello Science and Environment Division Administrator, at hsanger@pocatello.gov or Maren Hunter, Outdoor Recreation Manager, at mhunter@pocatello.gov with any questions about this effort or how you can participate.



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