(Idaho Freedom Caucus, May 15, 2023)

On Tuesday, May 16, the elections for the Library Board may seem insignificant, but they hold the power to shape the safety and well-being of our children for years to come.

When we reflect on our childhood, the library stands out as a safe and inviting place where we learned and explored with friends. However, in today’s world, the library has become a source of concern for many parents. The availability of inappropriate sexual material, including pornographic images, poses a significant threat to our children’s well-being.

Research consistently shows that exposure to pornography at a young age can damage children. It distorts their understanding of healthy relationships, sexuality, and consent, leading to confusion, anxiety, and harmful behaviors. The library, once a sanctuary of knowledge and exploration, should not expose our children to explicit and harmful content.

Each book listed below sits innocently on the shelf, easily accessible to children. Brace yourself and click on the titles to witness the genuinely offensive content that awaits. This is just a tiny sampling of what may be found at your library.

This is why these small local elections hold such importance. We must elect candidates who understand the gravity of this issue and are committed to implementing policies that ensure age-appropriate content and safe environments in our libraries.

Vote wisely so we can together shape a future where libraries remain sanctuaries of safety, education, and inspiration for generations to come.

Make a plan to vote on Tuesday, May 16!


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