May 25, 2023

The West Is the Best

By: Brian Lenney

Senator Brian Lenney, Nampa (

Regarding the piece published May 21, 2023 titled “What scares Labrador, Moon, and Lenney?”… I’d like to answer.

But I’d like to answer it with another, more appropriate question, as the only thing I’m truly “scared” of is the Lord God Almighty (e.g. Luke 12:4).

So in the vein of the late Francis Schaeffer, I ask: how should we then live? Or, even better: What type of society is best? Ask the question THAT way… now we’re talking. To be clear, this is about the culture. We’re in a culture war and there are four types of people involved: those who know it’s happening, those watching it happen, those who want to stop it from happening, and those who at the end will be wondering… what happened. 

As the venerable Pat Buchanan said to the RNC in 1992, this is a “war… for the soul of America” and Idaho is on the front lines. Buchanan went on to say this “is about who we are. It is about what we believe, and what we stand for as Americans. There is a religious war going on in this country. It is a cultural war, as critical to the kind of nation we shall be as was the Cold War itself.”

Fast forward 31 years and we see the battle lines etched in flames like never before.

Those seeking to turn Idaho into the next blue hell hole are working diligently to destroy what we’ve worked so hard to preserve – the Idaho way of life.

When faced with the question  “what society is best?”…  the answer is simple. Idahoans want to live in a state where their children are educated, not indoctrinated. Where elections are free and fair. Where traditional family values still exist. Where law and order actually mean something. Where sacrificing babies on the altar of Molech is unthinkable. Where the legalization of drugs that hurt our society, our kids, and tear at our very foundation is not tolerated. And where normal hard-working people come to escape the ravages of liberalism run amok on the West Coast.

This is why the Idaho State Freedom Caucus is so vital.

Because the fight is no longer between “left and right.” It’s between normal people who want to live their lives in freedom and peace, and psychopaths who seek to annihilate every cherished conviction.

This is why the conservatives, led by the Freedom Caucus, are making this state a place where normal people come for normalcy. Why do you think Idaho is one of the fastest-growing states? It’s because we’re not absolutely irrationally crazy like California.

We value traditional families and the innocence of children. We defend the sanctity of life, we embrace the principles of the Idaho GOP platform, and we want our kids to be kids, not slaves to the transgender woke culture of death.

Because without the Freedom Caucus leading the way, we’re just another purple state on our way to becoming the next Colorado, California, or Oregon.

Bottom line: someone has to hold the line. Because if we let go of the rope by embracing ranked-choice voting and open primaries (which always favor the more moderate/liberal candidates), Idaho will inevitably become San Francisco. Can you imagine? Idaho as a place where mentally ill people defecate in the streets, shoot up in front of Walgreens (with their state-supplied drug paraphernalia), and commit violent crimes with impunity?

That is NOT the Idaho I want to live in.

So…we fight. 

Because war is upon us. And the only question we need to answer before it’s answered for us through the left’s favorite tool for taking over a state (aka the ballot initiative process) is: do we want Idaho to become the next California? Because that’s where we’re headed if we allow ranked-choice voting, amnesty for illegal immigrants, the unfettered slaughter of Idahoan babies through abortion, and the legalization of drugs in our state.

Now I ask you: how should we then live? What type of society is best? Will you stand with us? Will you join the Idaho State Freedom Caucus as we hold the line? The time is now. Let us march forward, with unwavering determination and unyielding hope, towards a future where Idaho’s spirit shines ever brighter. 

For Idaho, for liberty, for generations to come – let us answer the call and make our mark upon history.

Brian Lenney represents Nampa, Idaho, in the Idaho Senate.  He is a member of the Idaho State Freedom Caucus.

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