(Idaho State Police News Release, May 25, 2023)

The Idaho State Police proudly pays homage to U.S. military personnel who gave up their life to protect our freedom and defend our interests by recognizing Memorial Day as a day of remembrance. Memorial Day is dedicated to honoring and mourning fallen servicemen and women for their sacrifice to their country and communities.

We remember the many fallen heroes for their commitment to serving and protecting the American people. Their loyalty to their country is inspiring and ISP proudly commends their dedication to protecting communities across the nation and overseas.

We encourage you to take a moment to stop and think about what this day means and recognize those who came before us. We can never bring back our fallen soldiers, but we can be humbled by their loyalty and heroism in our daily actions.

The Idaho State Police would also like to thank our active military personnel and Veterans across the nation. Our freedom is not guaranteed, but it is because of individuals like you, we have a foundation of courage and sacrifice.



Historically, Memorial Day Weekend kicks off many summer activities. Summer is an exciting and busy time, and we want you to be safe. Between the months of June, July, and August there is a significant increase in the number of deathly traffic crashes due to increased traffic, high temperatures, and increased outdoor activities. This leads to the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day to be known as the 100 deadliest days.

Last year, the Idaho Department of Transportation reported 72 fatal crashes on Idaho roads between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This year alone, there are 71 reported deaths. Cars are replaceable, people aren’t. As the 100 deadliest days begin, we ask you to do your part in keeping the roadways safe. Please do not drive distracted, have patience, keep your eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, and mind on driving.

The Idaho State Police would also like to remind the public impaired driving is buzzed, drunk, or high driving and is a crime. Please be responsible this Memorial Day Weekend and plan a sober ride home before any festivities begin. Idaho State Police Troopers, along with other law enforcement agencies, will be conducting a DUI emphasis throughout Idaho over Memorial Day Weekend. If you see an impaired driver, find a safe place to pull over and dial *ISP (*477). Please be responsible.

Trooper Takeaways:

  • Buckle Up. It’s your best defense against impaired drivers.
  • Pay Attention.
  • Obey Posted Speed Limits.
  • Eliminate Distractions.
  • Keep A Safe Distance Between You and Other Vehicles.
  • Never Drive Impaired.

Thank you to the fallen U.S. servicemen and women for your bravery and sacrifice for future generations. Please enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend, stay safe, and be responsible.


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