(Idaho Freedom Caucus, May 30, 2023)

The Idaho Freedom Caucus stands with the House Freedom Caucus in opposing the Debt Ceiling Deal and urges ALL Republicans to stand together and vote NO on this nothing burger of a deal.

Last month the House Freedom Caucus passed a plan to cut $2 trillion in federal spending. The Limit, Save, Grow Plan erased government bloat, like the $80 billion IRS expansion, student loan bailouts for liberal degrees, and the Covid spending sprees.

Speaker McCarthy and President Biden have dreamed up a new “deal.” It is an absolute failure on all the above issues. Passing this deal will put hard-working American families LAST.



Their bill, the “Fiscal Responsibility Act,” SUSPENDS the debt ceiling until 2025—giving the Biden Administration another $4-5 trillion of borrowing authority! There are several more problems with this deal:

  • The only actual “spending caps” are for two years, but they cut a mere $12 billion in spending right now.
  • 98% of the spending on IRS agents remains.
  • The “auto continuing resolution” that makes an automatic, across-the-board 1% cut if spending bills are not passed is easy to bypass and sets the table for big government supporters to support a new omnibus bill at the end of the year.
  • Transformational welfare reform supported by House Republicans has been scaled back to practically nothing besides increasing the age for food stamp work requirements to include folks over 50.

The only way to grow America is to shrink the government and the massive Washington, D.C. bureaucracy.

The IDFC calls on Representative Mike Simpson and Representative Russ Fulcher to oppose the so-called “Fiscal Responsibility Act.”


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