May 31, 2023

The North West Liberty Academy has extended the submission deadline for the 2023 Essay Contest.  The new deadline is JUNE 15.  This year’s theme is How can we keep what we have if we don’t value it?

In a recent email, the NWLA offered a few thoughts to inspire young writers:

“Is it possible that Americans have become complacent about our God-given rights to life and liberty? Who among us would ever have guessed that a highly elected official could order a private facility to open its doors, allow patients with a deadly, contagious illness to be housed with healthy residents who would not be allowed to leave? Furthermore, who would have thought that American Citizens could be incarcerated without being charged and held without bail for three years? These decisions were made by elected officials who hold the public trust and are bound by our U.S. Constitution.

“This years’ essay poses the question of whether “We the people” are willing to hold accountable, those elected to represent us and preserve our liberty. Your essay represents a “Call to action” for readers to consider what we, as Citizens can do to keep America, the Land of the Free.

“Some questions worth pondering:

  • Do citizens and their representatives understand the *Proper role of government?
  • Do our states, districts, counties, towns hold forums where we can ask candidates what their plans are to keep their Oath to uphold the Constitution?
  • Do we understand the lobbying process?
  • Why do paid, professional Lobbyists have a lounge in the statehouse and frequent access to Representatives and Senators?
  • Do we rely on the media to tell us what bills may affect our rights?
  • Do we contact our elected representatives and ask questions?
  • Do people know how to get copies of bills and track their progress?

“*Read “The Proper Role of Government” can be found online. Hard copies will be part of the Liberty Library starter set that each attendee will receive at this year’s symposium.”

The Essay Contest will be conducted according to the following Rules, which are available on NWLA’s website, here:

  1. There are three age categories: 12-14 yrs., 15-18 yrs., & 19 and older (no age restriction)
  2. An independent panel will decide the winner in each age category.
  3. Essays are limited to no more than 500 words
  4. Submit essays by email to:

First Place Winners will receive a FULL scholarship to the 2023 Northwest Liberty Academy and their essays will be published on the new NWLA website.

Second Place Winners will receive a Money Metals Exchange .999 Pure Silver Round

For more information, email  To register your teen for the Symposium, which will be held in Boise on June 21-24, go to Northwest Liberty Academy’s webpage, here.



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