June 6, 2023 (Cover image credit: HSLDA)

The Home School Legal Defense Association offers homeschoolers a variety of fine arts contests throughout the year.  Their website explains:

Every year, HSLDA offers creative contests in poetry, videography, short story writing, photography, art, and essay writing. HSLDA’s contests provide homeschooled students the opportunity to hone their skills in a fun and creative setting that invites them to think outside the box and be rewarded for excellence. Contests are open to all homeschooled students (ages 7–19)…All contest profits go to HSLDA Compassion, which uses them to provide low-income homeschooling families with access to educational and legal resources to help them continue homeschooling.

The two contests that are currently open are the Photo Contest and the NEW Short Story Contest.  Details of the Photo Contest are available here; details of the Short Story Contest are available here.  Both contests require an entry fee of $10 for HSLDA members and $15 for nonmembers.


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