June 11, 2023
(LaQueta Morgan)

Pocatello–A new classical Christian homeschool community will begin meeting in the fall of 2023.

Sola Fide Fellowship is a Classical Christian academic community for homeschoolers in grades K-12.  Classes are led by dedicated head mentors focused on developing the moral imagination of children.  Students are encouraged through weekly academic studies, and class time with peers and head mentors, to grow in virtue and to love what is lovely.

Students in the Elementary courses will receive instruction in Art, Music, Poetry, Etiquette, Literature, Physical Development, Peer Presentations, and Science/Nature Study.

Students in the Junior High program will receive instruction in Art, Music, Poetry, Writing, Etiquette, Literature, English Grammar, and Latin.

High School students will receive instruction in Art, Music, Poetry, Writing, Etiquette, The Great Books of Western Culture, Public Speaking, and Socratic Dialogue.

Enrollment is now open.  However, class sizes are limited.  For more information, you are invited to attend an informational meeting on June 28, 2023, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM, at Christ Church, 1245 N. Arthur Ave, Pocatello.


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