(Pocatello for Accountable Government Entities, June 14, 2023)

Today was “Day #3” of FY24 Department Budget Presentations. We don’t anticipate receiving the consolidated budget summary with overages, asks, etc. until sometime next week because Friday’s meeting has been canceled and the City offices are closed on Monday.

There has been a lot of community interest in ARPA, so we’re passing along a summary and some links to that information. Please note that the ARPA numbers are only estimates and this list approved on 06/08/23 over-obligated the ARPA money by $219,904. The plan? The estimates should come back under the amounts in this spreadsheet. NOTE: The cost of the Fire Alert System is actually around $900K – they reduced this to $600K because they are banking on $300K from the County.

Last week, there was a LENGTHY discussion about ARPA spread out over three agenda items.  If you want to get a peek at what we sit through, check out the video between 01:02:36 and about 01:29:04

NOTE: The PDFs of each department’s presentations from this week are available online, but we learned today that they all have numbers which need to be modified. It’s doubtful, they’ll repost them all to each agenda, but we will request a set if anyone has an interest in looking at any particular department, please contact us for the updated PDFs next week.

Editor’s note: P.A.G.E.’s posts can be found on their Facebook page, here.

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