June 16, 2023

Pocatello–In the lead-up to tomorrow’s “Pride in the Park” event at Caldwell Park, a group of concerned citizens is trying to raise awareness of their concerns about drag shows being performed where children are present.

Several members of the group conducted a “standout” at two of Pocatello’s busiest intersections on Wednesday evening, holding large red-and-yellow signs that read “SAY NO! to Kids at Drag Shows in IDAHO”.  They said that the responses of passing motorists were mostly positive: “a LOT of horn honks and just a few flip offs.”

Local grandmother Lynda Eggiman explained what motivates her and the other participants: “While parents work to raise good children and take their children to wholesome activities other people are filling their heads with pornography.  So we’re on the street corners with signs hoping parents will find out for themselves what is happening. Not everyone is asleep–we get a lot more horns honking in support than we do shouts of the left’s favorite word.”

Another group brought the signs to last night’s Pocatello City Council meeting, using them to express the comments that Mayor Blad and the Council will no longer allow to be voiced.

(Photo credit: Debbie Layman)

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