June 22, 2023

On June 1, the Idaho Freedom Foundation launched a month-long ‘Pride in America’ series highlighting individuals “who ha[ve] demonstrated and defended American values.”  So far, the series has recognized people as diverse as explorer Davy Crockett, entrepreneur Elon Musk, saleswoman Nancy Green, and athlete Riley Gaines.

The most recent post focuses on Robert E. Lee.  Now best known for his position as Confederate General, Lee was well-regarded in his own day as a brilliant military man and a Christian gentleman.  Author Brian Almon points out that after the Civil War, Lee “represented unity” to both sides.  “Both North and South came together to honor a man who, despite taking up arms against his country, did it in the same spirit as George Washington in the prior century,” he writes.  “The memory of Lee gave both sides common ground on which the wounds of the nation could be healed.”

The full article may be read on the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s website, here.


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