June 27, 2023

Today, the IFF’s ‘Pride in America’ series highlights a man whose name may not appear on most people’s lists of America’s Finest.  Though hindsight proves that he accurately assessed the internal dangers facing the county, in his own time his name was synonymous with political witch hunts.  Author Brian Almon traces the rise and fall of this man, Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy, and closes with a look at his legacy:

“Time has proven Joseph McCarthy’s concerns correct. There were people in our government who believed that the Soviet model was superior and that the American people should not be trusted with the truth or the ability to vote in any meaningful way. The State Department especially has become the source of statist propaganda that afflicts the entire world–the first impeachment of President Donald Trump demonstrates how they operate completely without accountability.

“Joseph McCarthy had many flaws, but a love of his country was not one of them. He saw the danger of communism spreading throughout our government and tried to stop it. If only his colleagues had taken the threat as seriously.”

The ‘Pride in America’ series is the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s month-long celebration of  individuals “who ha[ve] demonstrated and defended American values.”  Since June 1, the series has recognized people as diverse as explorer Davy Crockett, entrepreneur Elon Musk, saleswoman Nancy Green, and athlete Riley Gaines.

The full article may be read on the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s website, here.



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