(IDGOP Press Release, June 26, 2023)

Boise–The Idaho Republican Party announces the resignation of Mr. Damond Watkins, our National Committeeman. With 12 years of service, Mr. Watkins has played a pivotal role in shaping our party’s vision and driving positive change.

During his tenure, Mr. Watkin’s commitment to our shared Republican values and principles has made an impact on our organization and the wider Republican community. As we bid farewell to Mr. Watkins, we express our gratitude for his service and contributions over the years to the Idaho Republican Party.

[Article 1, Section 10: If the office of the National Committeeman or National Committeewoman becomes vacant, by reason or resignation, death or otherwise, the State Chairman shall, within thirty (30) days of the event, call a Republican State Central Committee meeting for the purpose of making an appointment to fill the vacancy. Such appointee shall serve until a successor is duly chosen at the next presidential year Republican State Convention.]

According to our state party bylaws, in the next 30 days the IDGOP Chairwoman will be calling a special meeting of the State Central Committee to fill the vacancy of the position for National Committeeman.


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