(City of Pocatello Press Release, June 27, 2023)

Fireworks during the Fourth of July are as traditional as cookouts and parades. However, more fires are reported on the Fourth of July than on any other day of the year in the United States. Over half of these fires are a result of fireworks. Everyone can have a safe and enjoyable holiday by following some simple safety tips.

Buy Legal Fireworks: Ensure you only buy legal fireworks for the City of Pocatello (remember, safe & sane).  Avoid buying fireworks that are packaged in brown paper. This often indicates a sign that the fireworks were made for professional displays only.

Where to Light Fireworks: Remember portions of town are banned from using fireworks (such as Johnny Creek, Satterfield, and the West Bench). You can visit Pocatello-Maps to check restrictions in your area.

Lighting Fireworks: Read and follow all warnings printed on the label. Light fireworks outdoors in a clear area away from houses and flammable materials, and keep a bucket of water or a water supply nearby for emergencies. Don’t try to relight or handle malfunctioning fireworks – instead, soak them with water and throw them away. Never ignite fireworks in a container, especially glass or metal, and light all fireworks with a long-handled lighter, jumbo punk or a flare. Allow adequate time for the fireworks to cool before disposing. Ensure all fireworks are extinguished, and nothing is smoldering in the area. Never experiment or attempt to make your own fireworks, do not try to alter or combine fireworks. Be sure other people are out of range before lighting fireworks, and never throw or shoot fireworks at another person.



Children and Fireworks: Never give fireworks to small children, and closely supervise older children. Do not allow running or boisterous play while fireworks are being used. Even simple fireworks like sparklers can do serious injury. Sparklers burn at temperatures that range from 1200 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to melt glass and some metals

Pets and Fireworks: Remember, pets and fireworks do not mix. Many pets become stressed and fearful during this season and will try to hide or run away from the noise and lights. Make sure your pet has somewhere safe and secure to hide and make sure they cannot escape.

For more information on firework safety, visit National Fire Protection Association or call Pocatello Fire Department at 208-234-6201.


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