July 4, 2023

In honor of Independence Day, PragerU has released a new 5-Minute Video series about the U.S. Constitution.  Their announcement email reads:

“The Constitution of the United States has endured for almost two and a half centuries, enabling America to enjoy unparalleled freedom and prosperity. In this 10-part 5-Minute Video series, renowned constitutional scholars explore the origin, the philosophy, and the nuts and bolts of this extraordinary document.”

The ten topics covered in the series are:

  • Why a Republic?
  • Miracle in Philadelphia
  • The Limited Powers of Congress
  • Presidential Powers
  • The Supreme Court
  • Our Bill of Rights
  • A Nation of States
  • The Civil Rights Amendments
  • Taxes, Voting Rights, and Prohibition
  • A Moral Challenge

The videos are available on both prageru.com and PragerU’s YouTube channel.

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