(Department of Education Press Release, July 19, 2023)

BOISE–Schools in Idaho will once again receive a record lottery dividend. This year’s transfer of $82,000,000 will be the highest dividend payment in the Idaho Lottery Commission’s 34-year history.

Idaho Lottery Commissioner Jeffrey Anderson presented the checks in a ceremony at Emmett Middle School on Tuesday. The funds will be divided between the State Department of Education and the Department of Administration.

Superintendent Debbie Critchfield received $51,250,000 on behalf of the State Department of Education. Of that total amount, districts will receive $30,750,000 from the SDE’s School Building Fund, while the remaining $20,500,000 will go to the Bond Levy Equalization fund, which is used to pay interest on public school bonds across the state. Dale Reynolds, Chairman of the Permanent Building Fund Advisory Council, accepted a check for $30,750,000 on behalf of the state’s Permanent Building Fund.



Lottery dividend funds are used by the State Department of Education to help school districts to complete building maintenance, repairs and other operational projects. Ceremony host Emmett Middle School recently used lottery funds to complete safety remediation efforts and are now in the process of completing renovations of the school’s bathrooms.

According to the Idaho Lottery Commission, this year’s dividend is $8,000,000 higher than projected, a 12.3 percent increase over last year’s dividend.

“As Idaho’s schools age and costs of maintenance continue to grow, Idaho Lottery funds play a crucial role in ensuring facility safety for our students, staff, and patrons,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Debbie Critchfield. “Communities across Idaho will enjoy the benefits brought by funding from the Idaho Lottery. Thank you.”


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