(Bannock County Press Release, September 25, 2023)

Bannock County Assessor Anita Hymas is implementing changes at the DMV to make things simpler for walk-in visitors and reduce costs to the online appointment system.

The DMV is implementing a ‘Take-A-Number’ ticket system for walk-in visitors, like ones reminiscent of delis and bakeries. Beginning October 2, walk-ins will no longer be required to check in using the iPad kiosks.

“I know how frustrating the iPad check-in process was for so many of our visitors. I think the number ticket system will be much more user-friendly for everyone, especially those who don’t like technology,” Assessor Hymas said.

Hymas said she and her team chose this option because it is low-cost, effective, and easy to use. An added benefit is that it allows people to sit on the provided benches while they wait for their number rather than standing in a line.

“When we asked our visitors for feedback about our old queuing system, we learned that a lot of people appreciate the option to make appointments online. I’m happy to say that we are keeping that service at a reduced rate,” Assessor Hymas said.

The upgraded online appointment scheduling system will cost the DMV about $10,000 less per year. The changes to the walk-in and appointment system will go into effect on Monday, Oct. 2, 2023. Appointments can be scheduled using the current system until Oct. 2.

“We hope these changes will make your experience at the Bannock County DMV easier and more enjoyable. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out,” Assessor Hymas said.

The Bannock County DMV can be reached at 208-236-7200 or dmv@bannockcounty.us. Visit their webpage and make an appointment at bannockcounty.us/dmv.

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