October 1, 2023

Brittney and Logan Adams

Pocatello–When Logan and Brittney Adams got married, they knew they wanted to start a family right away.  Unfortunately, their journey to parenthood has been a rocky one.

After more than a year of disappointments, the Adamses decided to seek medical help.  That process took them through more than two and a half years of tests and treatments, all to no avail.  Eventually, Brittney was referred to a fertility specialist.

Before seeing the specialist, Logan and Brittney decided to explore the possibility of adoption.  They invested another year in that process before realizing that it wasn’t a good fit for their family.  “It broke our hearts to have to close that door,” said Brittney, “but closing that led to us finding out I was finally diagnosed with Insulin Resistance PCOS after visiting with the specialist in Idaho Falls.”

The specialist told the Adamses that their only remaining option is in vitro fertilization (IVF): “One sentence no two people in their lifetime, let alone their 20s, would want to hear,” shared Brittney.

Logan and Brittney will meet with the IVF team at the University of Utah on December 18, 2023.  While Logan’s employer offers some benefits to assist with the cost of treatment, he and Brittney need to raise additional funds.  In a long post on the family’s Facebook page, The Adams Family IVF Fundraisers, Brittney explains: “With how expensive a fertility treatment can be, our clinic being out of state and almost 3 hours from us we’ve decided to run some fundraisers!! We have a lady that is making t-shirts for us and a portion will be staying with us the other part will be going back to her. We will be doing a raffle in the next couple weeks when we get more information and things sorted around and i will be taking orders for baked goods to make for those that order.”

Brittney offers twenty different varieties of breads, ranging from staples like banana and zucchini breads, to exotic options like key lime and piña colada.  She also has eight types of cookies available, a dozen varieties of bar cookies and brownies, and two kinds of buckeyes (regular and white chocolate candy corn).  Prices and photos are available here.

The t-shirts are made by a local businesswoman.  Six different designs are available, and each design can be printed on your choice of 18 stylish colors.  Each shirt costs $25, with part of the money going to the Adamses and part going to the maker.  Photos of options are available here.

Please note that all orders must be prepaid.

Brittney and Logan celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in September.  Though their journey hasn’t been what they expected, they are thankful for those who are walking it with them:

We appreciate all the help we’ve gotten so far and we have our village of people that make it all run smoothly and are there for us when times get tough.

I want to personally say thank you to everyone that has already put in an order for t-shirts and baked goods every little bit helps; even just sharing.

Everything we raise will be going towards medical bills, medications, and travel expenses thank you so much everyone!!

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