October 3, 2023

Pocatello–For over six decades, the John Birch Society has sought to rekindle the vision of the American founders and resist the rise of communism in the United States.  Local Society members were able to share their educational materials at the Lewis Clark Trader Gun Show, held this past weekend at Pocatello’s Mountain View Event Center.

“We exhibited on behalf of JBS at Pocatello Gun Show this past weekend. We had a good response and were able to get our message out especially concerning the Convention of States, Rank Choice Voting, and Term Limits. John Birch Society is not in favor of any of these initiatives,” said Pocatello Chapter member Nikki Broderick.

Nicky Broderick, JBS member, Pocatello Chapter; Jeanie Avery, Pocatello Chapter Leader: and Kathy Kula, Chapter leader, Idaho Falls (photo credit: Nikki Broderick)

For more information about the John Birch Society, visit their website at jbs.org.

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