(City of Pocatello Press Release, October 4, 2023)

Pocatello Animal Services is partnering with Phil Meador Subaru for their 5th Annual National Make A Dog’s Day. This event was created by Subaru to encourage everyone to do something special for their dog and to think about adopting an Underdog from the shelter. Together, the ultimate goal is to help these Underdogs, who may have special needs and a long road to adoption, find loving homes.

The annual event will take place at the Phil Meador Subaru dealership, located at 1437 Yellowstone Avenue, October 28, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Pocatello Animal Services will have adoptable animals on site and offer discounted adoption fees, thanks to Subaru.

During the month of October, Subaru celebrates Subaru Loves Pets Month. For the month of October, Subaru is sponsoring a portion of the adoption fees through Pocatello Animal Services, up to $3,100. The discount will apply to each full-priced adoption until funds run out.

According to the ASPCA, each year nearly 6.3 million companion animals enter shelters nationwide. The goal of Pocatello Animal Services is to unite shelter pets in our community with loving homes.

The Pocatello Animal Shelter is accessible to persons with disabilities. Program access accommodations may be provided with two (2) days advance notice by contacting Skyler Beebe at sbeebe@pocatello.gov, 208.234.6248, or 5815 South 5th Avenue, Pocatello, ID.

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