(Pocatello for Accountable Government Entities, October 9, 2023)

*Candidate Questionnaires were emailed to the nine (9) City Council candidates on 09/14/23 inviting participation. We will be posting responses received through 10/09/23 for Seats #1 and #2 beginning today, 10/09/23, and Seat #3 on 10/10/23. Subsequent submissions will be posted as received.


1. What motivated you to run for office and how have you prepared for the position?

Talking and engaging with the Senior Citizens of Pocatello and understanding their concerns and needs. Prepared by volunteering in the Community.

2. What specific experiences and/or qualifications make you the best candidate and why?

20 years of experience working for Alameda County, CA, Probation Department and 17 years working as an educator for Stockton, CA, Unified School District.

3. What are the primary responsibilities of a City Council member and how will you fulfill each of them? (Please identify at least 2)

To serve as the governing body of the City and to create policies that serve the needs of its citizens.

4. Are you satisfied with current City of Pocatello government? If yes, why? If no, why not, and what improvements do you propose?

Satisfied. However, overspending must be addressed.

5. What is your view of City spending and City property taxes?

(Include any specifics like financial policies you agree/disagree with or the City’s prioritization of spending, too much/too little spending, etc.)

Cut spending that would result in lowering taxes.

6. What does “public transparency” mean to you, and what doesn’t it mean in terms of being a potential “public official?”

Public Transparency: Take public comments and questions at City Council meetings. Interact with News Media. Have accurate and clear messaging. Answer all phone calls and texts from citizens. Meet with constituents and local businesses to address their needs and concerns. To be a representative for all Pocatello citizens.

Public Transparency – What it doesn’t mean: Isolation from the citizens by not responding to their calls and texts. Not being open to my stances on important issues.

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