(Bannock County Press Release, October 11, 2023)

BANNOCK COUNTY – On Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2023, the Bannock County Prosecutor’s Office filed a felony criminal complaint against Lance Peck, former owner of the Downard Funeral Home & Crematory.

“We anticipate the felony complaint to be merged with the misdemeanor complaints filed last year, which would bring the entire case under the jurisdiction of a district judge,” said Prosecutor Stephen Herzog.

Mr. Peck’s jury trial that was previously scheduled to begin on Monday, Oct. 16, 2023, will not take place due to the felony complaint that was filed yesterday. It is anticipated the misdemeanor charges that were set for trial will be combined with the complaint containing the felony charges, and the case will be moved from Magistrate Court to District Court. The Prosecutor’s Office will share any important developments as they occur.

The felony complaint includes multiple felony charges against Peck relating to tax law violations, forgeries, and grand thefts. Which judge could be assigned to the case is unknown at this time.

In August of 2023, the defense and prosecution entered into mediation and made significant progress towards reaching a resolution of the case, Herzog said. The parties intend to return to mediation in the near future with the hope of reaching a final resolution. The details of what took place during mediation are confidential.

“I want to thank the public, especially the families who have been impacted by the defendant’s actions, for your continued patience,” Herzog said. “We encourage people to continue communicating with our office. Your comments are valuable, and we will try to respond in a timely manner.”

The Prosecutor’s Office is inviting family members affected by the actions of the defendant to submit their input about what they feel is a fair resolution by emailing downardprosecution@bannockcounty.gov.

All suspects of a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.

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