(Pocatello for Accountable Government Entities, October 9, 2023)

*Candidate Questionnaires were emailed to the nine (9) City Council candidates on 09/14/23 inviting participation. We will be posting responses received through 10/09/23 for Seats #1 and #2 beginning today, 10/09/23, and Seat #3 on 10/10/23. Subsequent submissions will be posted as received.


1. What motivated you to run for office and how have you prepared for the position?

I want to be a part of planning a prosperous future for Pocatello. I’ve prepared myself by investing in our community both financially and with my personal time. I have kept myself informed of local issues and engaged with our city government on multiple levels. I believe I am ready to be a part of our city’s planning for both the present and the future.

2. What specific experiences and/or qualifications make you the best candidate and why?

I’ve been a productive Pocatello business owner for over twenty-two years. During this time, I’ve learned how to negotiate contracts with multiple labor unions and the importance of financial responsibility all the while investing in the future. I’ve also had the opportunity to live overseas for several years. Having lived and worked in another culture has broadened my view of the world and I am better for it.

3. What are the primary responsibilities of a City Council member and how will you fulfill each of them? (Please identify at least 2)

One of the primary responsibilities of a City Council member is to ensure a prudent and sustainable budget is adopted and adhered to so the best interests of our entire community can be realized. I will fulfill this responsibility by advocating for and voting for budgets that recognize taxpayer dollars shouldn’t go to subsidize private businesses and budget amendments should be the rare exception not a normal practice.

Another responsibility of a City Council member is to be engaged in our diverse community so we can see firsthand the successes and shortcomings being experienced in our city. This engagement allows for a clearer vision of the needs for the future. I commit to attending community organization meetings to become a better-informed council member.

Finally, a City Council member is responsible for establishing local polices and laws. As a City Council member I will bring attention to local ordinances not being enforced.

4. Are you satisfied with current City of Pocatello government? If yes, why? If no, why not, and what improvements do you propose?

I’m not satisfied with our current city government. The City of Pocatello is lacking in financial transparency and doesn’t allow for public comment at public meetings. If elected I propose we reinstate public comment and I will pursue every avenue to make detailed financial reports available to the public. It is the responsibility of the City Council to monitor the budget to ensure it is being adhered to. We rarely hear the city council raise questions concerning city expenditures.

5. What is your view of City spending and City property taxes?

(Include any specifics like financial policies you agree/disagree with or the City’s prioritization of spending, too much/too little spending, etc.)

The tax burden imposed by the City of Pocatello on its residents is unwarranted and not in line with similar sized cities in Idaho. One example of wasteful spending is the money we give to Skywest/Delta to provide flight service to our local airport. We should let the free-market economy determine if Pocatello is a viable place to warrant air service. The taxpayers should not subsidize this private business.

6. What does “public transparency” mean to you, and what doesn’t it mean in terms of being a potential “public official?”

Public transparency means we have the best interests of our entire community in mind when making decisions. We prove this by having no secrets or conflict of interests in our business dealings. This allows us to provide honest answers to the public without feeling threatened.

In terms of being a public official, public transparency requires one to conduct themselves is in an ethical and professional manner in both business and personal matters.

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