October 12, 2023

…2 minutes …Sit down …NEXT

“Why is the credit card bill so high?”, “What happened to the car?”,  “Why can’t I go to the dance?”.  Questions come up all the time.  But when those questions involve City Government you are allowed only 2 minutes to explain your concern and NO TIME is allotted to the answer.

…2 minutes …Sit down …NEXT

It has been decreed by Mayor Blad to allow the subjects in his kingdom 2 minutes each to speak on Monday October 16th.  After 9 months of NO COMMENT his subjects are restless.

If that sounds rude and ridiculous then continue to read.

Three months ago King Blad allowed an hour for a Town Hall meeting.  ”NO COMMENTS” had been the policy for 6 months and roughly 100 TAXPAYERS attended that Town Hall meeting where they would be allowed to speak .. for 3 min.

Unaccounted for in that 1 hour was the time it takes to hold an official meeting: greeting, pledge, prayer, introductions, short announcements … and oh yes, 15 minutes to read the rules.  The public’s time was now 20 minutes.  There were 100 people at that meeting … but did King Blad extend the time to speak?  NO, like a lottery, he randomly drew 6 names.

Mayor Blad must have been concerned about allowing only 6 speakers, because he reduced the time for each speaker at the next meeting to 2 minutes so more people can speak (2 more).  Can you imagine the outcome of having a budget discussion with your spouse in 2 minutes … or on why there’s a dent in the car or a change in weekend plans?  TAXPAYERS have a right for their concerns to be heard.

Whether you are left, right or center of the political aisle … you should be enraged. If you care about your taxes, the budget, parks, roads or city planning  come at 6:30 on October 16 at City Hall … Your presence will SPEAK LOUDLY.  This is an insult to our intelligence.

There is a CITY COUNCIL election in November … come to the Town Hall and show by your presence that you will be happy to replace them ALL if needed until they once again work for the taxpayers.

Lynda Eggimann

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