(Stand Up For Idaho, October 25, 2023)

Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie ‘Police State’ will premier nationally with ‘theater’ showings only on October 23rd and October 25th.  Originally, ‘theater premiers’ in Idaho were only going to occur in Hayden, Ponderay, and Meridian.  However, since Dinesh is coming to east Idaho on November 4th, I was able to work with them to have a private screening at the AMC Classic Pine Ridge 11 theater in Chubbuck on October 25th at 7:00pm. (D’Souza’s theater contracts limited theater showings to certain theater chains).

Therefore, our October 25th weekly meeting will be in Chubbuck for a theater premier of ‘Police State’.  This is a ‘private’ screening event.  You will not see Police State listed on the marquee and there will be no posters.  Although this is a ‘private’ screening event, everyone is invited to attend!  However theater capacity is limited to 160. Tickets are $20.00 and need to be purchased in advance via this link (https://tickets.policestatefilm.net/amc-classic-pine-ridge-11).

Get your tickets now!!

AMC Classic Pine Ridge 11 Theater, 4355 Yellowstone Ave, Chubbuck, ID 83202, 7:00pm.

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