(Idaho State Department of Education Press Release, October 23, 2023)

Boise–Whether they’re wondering about scholarships, academics or opportunities after high school, both parents and students in Idaho can now access digital resources designed just for them, curated and maintained by the Idaho State Department of Education.

Parents can now access a dedicated website created with their needs in mind. The Parent Corner is a revamped version of the Parent Resource Toolkit that was previously available on the department website. The site features a variety of practical information tailored to parents, including information on parents’ rights, the Empowering Parents Program and more. Parents looking to reach out to the department directly can also access a contact guide for personalized guidance.

Students in Idaho now also have their own specialized webpage, created in response to a suggestion from a member of Critchfield’s Student Advisory Council. Here students can explore department programs as well as a variety of easy-to-access resources ranging from the recently-opened Idaho LAUNCH program to information on camps, competitions and specialized scholarships.

“One of my priorities when I took office was to lead a department that engaged and partnered with parents,” Critchfield said. “I hope that both parents and students looking for educational support find these pages useful for a variety of needs throughout the K-12 school journey and beyond. I hope these expanded efforts are a solid step towards empowering Idaho’s families to get the most out of the K-12 education experience.”

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