November 1, 2023

David (the People) vs. Goliath (IACI)
Idaho is worth defending and protecting!
An editorial from Senator Glenneda Zuiderveld, District 24.

By: Senator Glenneda Zuiderveld

(I’ve provided links for your research, allowing you to form your own opinion. Simply click on the underlined links to access the information.)

Where to begin?

First, I want to encourage you all by saying, “We the People” can defeat “Goliath” (Global Corporations). However, we must stop focusing on the size of the giant and trust that God is greater. We must have faith and pick up three stones: 1) A stone of educating. 2) A stone of engaging. 3) A stone of voting.

The First Stone, EDUCATING. Who are we battling? Who is Idaho’s Goliath? (If you’ve been getting my newsletters, you know the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI) is the name of Idaho’s Goliath.) Let me assist you in better understanding who IACI is by guiding you to follow the money. We need to look no further than the Idaho Prosperity Fund‘s sunshine report to see who contributes to their PAC. Below are 33 of the more than 300 corporations and industries they lobby for.

IACI funds Candidates through the Idaho Prosperity Fund. “IPF financially assists candidates for Statewide, Legislative, and Local office through independent expenditures. The IPF Board of Directors determines which candidates to support, focusing on those who demonstrate commitment to the ideals of a free market society, who believe in the rights of the individual, and who are committed to preserving the free enterprise system.” In their own words, they state they determine which candidates will receive their support based on who demonstrates a commitment to their ideals and the free market. In other words, who will carry out their agenda? One must also question their definition of a free market. In my view, it means keeping the government away from businesses and allowing them to function independently with their own resources, without imposing costs on taxpayers.

During my freshman year, I sat through many presentations where I felt more like the CEO of “Idaho Inc.” rather than a statesman representing the people. I’ll give you an example. House Bill 24 was the Governor’s Launch Bill. Or was it IACI’s Launch Bill? Here’s a photo of all the Corporations who put letters on our Senate desks as we debated the bill. You will notice that many contribute to the Idaho Prosperity Fund and claim they are for the free market. Is it consistent with a free-market approach to have the government (funded by taxpayers) provide training for their future workforce?

Take a deeper dive into following the money. Let’s look at the top shareholders of many of these companies. There are a couple of common denominators, Black Rock and Vanguard. These are two heads of the same serpent. When you are the top shareholder in each other’s companies, you are one and the same.

So, who are the top shareholders? All you have to do is Google them. I’ll do a few for you. Idaho PowerClearwater PaperMicronMidas Gold, and Blue Cross.

IACI is not the only area where we should educate ourselves. We must also examine industries that receive large amounts of Government subsidies. With Federal subsidies come federal shackles. Before I proceed, I want to clarify that I am 100% in support of our farmers, ranchers, and dairymen. I share this information as a watchman on the tower, warning that the enemy is no longer at the gate but within our walls. While our farmers aim to produce and provide food for our tables, they often struggle to keep food on their own, leading them to seek federal subsidies. Will these government subsidies dictate what the farmers grow, or even if they can grow at all? With our National Debt at $33.6 trillion and rising, can our agriculture sector continue without such subsidies?

Now that you have an Idea who the Goliath is —

The Second Stone: Engaging. What does this entail? It’s about recognizing those who genuinely work for the people, individual rights, and the free market and then supporting them with your time, money, and influence. Additionally, it’s crucial to identify those who might further the interests of Global Corporations. To do this, examine the IACI Score Card, see whom they endorse and contribute to, and consider all the other companies whose top shareholders include Black Rock and Vanguard.

Idaho is worth defending! There are many ways to do this. Just as our Founding Fathers pledged their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor,” it will take nothing less to preserve our Constitutional Republic and State Sovereignty.

If your priorities lie in safeguarding children over institutions, championing health freedom, preserving freedom of speech and religion, protecting our 2nd Amendment rights, and resisting excessive government spending and reliance on debt-laden federal funds, then these are the qualifications Idaho requires.

I understand many of you are facing financial hardships. However, if we don’t invest our money and time into supporting good candidates who will combat overspending, we can expect taxes to rise and the burden of inflation to heavily impact both you and your children. In just four short years, Idaho has increased its budget by 50%. Idaho, boasting an 82% Republican majority among our legislators and a Republican executive branch, should be gaining more attention in the headlines than Florida and Arkansas. Instead, we are starting to resemble California and Oregon. When we point fingers at Californians, we must recognize that three fingers are pointing back at our third and fourth-generation Idahoans who are turning Idaho blue. Again, consider those receiving money and support from IACI and companies aligned with Black Rock and Vanguard’s interests.

Stone Number Three: Vote! Voting is how “WE THE PEOPLE” retain power. Large global corporations, special interest groups, and lobbyists rely on their financial influence because they either have only one vote, just like you, or they can’t vote at all because they are neither Idaho nor U.S. citizens. Why does IACI invest so much effort in targeting statesmen who represent the people? It’s because they need their chosen representatives to carry their water.

This election is crucial. As Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day, we will spend sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States, where men were free.”

Are we this generation?

The Idaho Freedom Caucus will fight, work hard, and sacrifice our lives, fortune, and sacred honor to defend our freedom!!!


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