November 7, 2023

I have been doing a lot of contemplating and praying. Saturday night when I took my wife to see Dinesh D’Souza, I had a lot of people ask me to run for the Idaho Senate. This includes state leaders and local leaders, as well as former constituents. These leaders are in addition to other leaders that have already encouraged me to do so. Previously, I said I would step aside and not split the vote against the incumbent. After talking to former colleagues in the Idaho Legislature, I now know I must step up and run. I do not feel a certain individual is the right person to run, especially after talking to former colleagues and leaders.

This individual couldn’t tell former colleagues how he would have voted differently than Senator Mark Harris during the last legislative session. That is a serious problem and it spoke to me greatly. I do not feel this individual has a grasp on the needs of the People of Idaho if he is not following the issues that come before the legislative body. I followed the issues all legislative session, and I can tell you quickly how I would have voted in the interest of the people and freedom versus the establishment votes/government growing votes of Senator Mark Harris.

These former colleagues have told me that this individual has stated he won’t answer to State Republican Chairwoman Dorothy Moon. Really? Well, you are accountable to the party if you are running as a Republican! There is a problem in this state. We have RINOs running around left and right not following the true Republican platform of upholding the Constitution, standing for freedom, less government, and little taxation. Yet, this individual says he won’t answer to the party. Wrong, we do not need anymore of this type. I do understand this possible candidate has a problem with our Chairwoman Dorothy Moon. That speaks greatly to me, as well. Dorothy is a wonderful human being and a very close friend. She is the kind of woman that would pick up a gun and fight the American Revolution. I know this with all my heart and soul.

This individual has also made the statement that he will not answer to the Idaho Freedom Foundation. I have no problem with that, but he is leaving people in the wind and not explaining how he will vote. The Idaho Freedom Foundation has the same basic platform as the Republican Party, the true platform that I just mentioned. I did align well with the Idaho Freedom Foundation while I was in office. We have the same principles! Was I beholden to them? Absolutely not. Did I respect them? Absolutely, and I won’t apologize for that. I won’t apologize to those of you that have fallen for the demonization of them. Evil will always attack good and paint them as the very thing that they are, evil.

Furthermore, constituents informed me that they are exhausted with older men running for office. They said they liked me because of my youth and energy. I am not sure I am that young, but I am certainly younger. I did have energy and stood up firmly when it came to the matters of freedom and the Constitution while I was in office.

For these reasons, I will be running for the Idaho Senate District 35 in 2024.

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