(Bannock County Assessor’s Office Press Release, November 9, 2023)

We have been busy the last few months in the Motor Vehicle Department. In September, our leads attended the DMV County Leadership Conference (DCLC) in Boise with ITD for two days. This annual event is full of training and motivational talks/tasks to help strengthen the counties and their relationships.

At this conference, they held a small award ceremony, and our county was the only motor vehicle office to receive an award for Innovation and Collaboration. This was awarded to our office for always working with the other counties around us to better our processes, offering additional help and training when needed, and keeping communication strong so that, as counties, we are on the same page.

This is the 2nd year in a row that our office has received this award, and we are very proud of our employees for continuing to excel in these areas. This also is the 3rd award total this office has received over the last three conferences, the first being for “Outstanding Service Through Efficiencies.” We will continue striving to go above and beyond for our patrons and employees in the years to come.

Also in September, we purchased a new ticketing system, and on October 2nd, we did away with our Qless system. This means that customers can now just walk in and take a number, or they can still schedule a guaranteed appointment on our website. Throughout October, we have used this new system, and patrons are excited and complimenting us left and right on the change. They are happy to have things be a little bit easier when visiting our office. So come down and see us for your DMV needs, and check out the new way we are doing things!

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