November 13, 2023

Forging Forward
Do you lose your 1st Amendment Right the Moment you become Senator?

By: D24 Senator Glenneda Zuiderveld

Does one lose their First Amendment rights upon becoming a Senator? Are we then deprived of the freedoms of speech and press, the right to petition our government, and the right to peaceably protest?

Last week, I received a letter from Pro Tem Winder removing me from my position as Vice Chair of the Health and Welfare Committee, without any prior correspondence. He stated that I ‘recently posted an article written by me that openly attacked the integrity of my fellow members of the Idaho Senate.’ He did not specify which article, but since I have written many recently, I am assuming it is my Substack titled ‘David and Goliath.’ Click HERE to read it. You can form your own opinion: did I attack their integrity, or did I simply share the truth?

When I ran for the Idaho State Senate in 2022, I vowed to be transparent, to vote constitutionally, to stop government overspending and overreach, and to expose corruption wherever detected. Am I asserting that there is corruption here? No, but I find myself a victim, witnessing leadership weaponize the rules against the people’s conservative Christian statesmen.

Senator Scott Herndon also received a letter from Senator Winder, in response to a newsletter he issued about the budget, warning him of consequences for non-compliance. Click HERE to read Senator Herndon’s newsletter and form your own opinion: Was it worthy of a response from the Pro Tem?

So, what is next? I am not sure, I am still representing you on the Health and Welfare Committee along with the Agriculture Committee. Removing me from the Vice Chair Position will free me up to read bills in more detail, research the appropriations in more depth, and hopefully have the bills I want to carry for my citizens heard.

It will be interesting to see who fills my Vice Chair position. The Health and Welfare Committee has only seven members: five Republicans and two Democrats. I was the only Republican eligible for the Vice Chair role, as the rest were already in leadership roles or holding chair positions in other committees. Will they choose Senator Melissa Wintrow, a Democrat? Will they upset other committees by shuffling Senators around to maintain a Republican in that position? Will I be moved to another committee, or removed altogether? Only time will tell.

Regardless of what actions the leadership takes, I do not work for them; I work for you, the people. I will not allow intimidation to silence me. I would rather be persecuted by man for speaking the truth, than judged by God for staying silent.

I am honored to stand with the Idaho Freedom Caucus, ‘The People’s Representatives’. We will continue to fight for you, but we need your support to remain your representatives.

When Martin Luther was attacked by the church for his writings, he responded ‘show me where I errored and I will gladly retract it’. They never did because he was right.

I am in the cross hairs of those who look to take out YOUR SENATOR! We must push forward.

What can you do?

  1. I need your financial support! Go to to donate or you can mail to P.O. Box 3123, Twin Falls ID 83303.
  2. Call or email Senator Chuck Winder 208)
  3. Share this Substack with your friends and neighbors!
  4. Most importantly PRAY

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