(Idaho GOP, November 20, 2023)

There has been much confusion over the last few days after the Secretary of State released information about enforcing voter registration and party affiliation deadlines.

To be clear, the Secretary of State’s letter is in regards to voter registration and party affiliation deadlines for the MAY 21, 2024 legislative primary election, which is run by the state. It is NOT applicable to the voter registration and affiliation deadline for participation in the MARCH 2 Republican Presidential Caucus, which is run by the Idaho Republican Party.

The deadline to register to vote and affiliate Republican in order to participate in the March 2, 2024 Idaho Republican Presidential Nominating Caucus is December 31, 2023.

Please make a note that December 31 falls on a Sunday, so Republican voters that want to participate in the Presidential Nominating Caucus should plan accordingly to ensure they are registered by the deadline.

Check on your voter registration here.

We look forward to a successful Republican Presidential Caucus on March 2, 2024 and hope to see you there! To stay up to date with caucus information, please visit www.IdahoRepublicanCaucus.com.

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