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Candidate Interview: Rick Cheatum, Running for Pocatello City Council, Seat #6


September 15, 2021

Pocatello City Council Member Rich Cheatum

Last week the Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer sent an email interview request to all Pocatello City Council candidates.  Rick Cheatum currently holds City Council Seat #6 and is running for reelection.  He was the first of the candidates to respond to our request.  His answers to our questions follows:

1. What, in your opinion, is the main purpose of government?

For me, government is an agreed-upon mechanism for providing security and services individuals are unable to do for themselves.  This very basic model has evolved and expanded to include services that individuals could provide, but have become cumbersome in the modern world, so government has assumed those services.

2. How would you ensure that citizens are given the opportunity to be involved in city government decisions?

During COVID-19, The Pocatello City Council moved all meetings to the Council Chambers instead of conducting some sessions in the Paradice room.  I think this practice should be continued to make citizens feel more welcome during deliberations.

Ultimately, the role of elected officials is to make decisions on behalf of citizens.  Virtually every decision the Council makes leaves some feeling as if their voice was not heard.  With the availability of email, snail mail, and in person testimony during hearings to express opinions, I feel citizens who want to express an opinion on an issue have ample opportunity.  However, that requires the citizen to use their own resources to be aware of issues upon which they might like to be involved.

3. What is your position on the City imposing health-related ordinances such as mask or vaccine mandates?

I feel the decisions necessary to manage your health are yours.  Only you and your physician know your health risks and how that should be managed.  And with those decisions comes the personal responsibility that might result from those decisions.  I have consistently voted against the mask mandate at every step of the way in Pocatello.

4. What is your fiscal policy?  How would you ensure that the taxpayer is getting the best value for his tax dollar, and what steps would you take to reduce spending therefore reducing taxes?

The Council needs to monitor expenses and income, comparing them to previous years and projections for the current fiscal year.  Department heads need to be responsible for staffing levels, operational expenses, and constantly ask what could be improved to be a more efficient department.  A motion I made this year during budgeting resulted in cutting the budget by about $800,000.  However, that trend cannot continue indefinitely.  Just as rising costs in fuel, constructions materials, clothing, etc. affect your personal budget, they also affect the ability of the city to continue to provide the current service levels.

5. What is your policy with respect to economic development?

I am a proponent of Bannock Development’s work to attract new business to our community, retain existing businesses and work to encourage existing businesses to expand their operations locally.  Every job we can bring to our community lifts someone up, whatever the salary level it may pay.  Idaho has very few incentives available to local communities to entice new businesses to a community.  I feel Pocatello has a very good track record in establishing and managing TIF districts and we should leverage that skill set.

6. What do you believe are the most important issues facing Pocatello right now, and how would you address them?

I strongly feel housing is our most important issue.  Almost every business I talk to is in need of additional employees.  Our unemployment rate is very low, indicating we need more people in our community to provide the bodies necessary for an increased level of employment.  However, we don’t have the housing for additional people if they choose to relocate here.  In the end, this is a private enterprise solution requiring builders and contractors to construct homes, apartments, townhouses, etc. for the potential new residents.  The only answer I see the city can provide is faster approvals of zoning requests, building permits, and construction inspections.  We need to continue to manage the developments to assure future owners the home they purchase is sound, but we need to do it faster

Pocatello is in the midst of growing out of the 20th century.  As in life, growth often means pains and I feel that is where we are today.  Pocatello has been discovered and it is now our time to emerge onto center stage in Idaho.  We have some natural handicaps that make development difficult, namely the geography of the valley.  The river down the middle and the railroad that have been considered problems in the past, or have been ignored, can be made into tremendous assets of our community.  It will take time to resolve issues with traffic, hillside development, and the emerging sports tourism market, but these will be solved by new ideas and new minds that can see the future.

Editor’s Note:  To learn more about Rick Cheatum and his campaign, visit:

Pastor who stood up for religious freedom against Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to speak in Pocatello


City of Pocatello Releases Summary of September 9 Meeting with IAFF Local 187


(City of Pocatello Press Release, September 14, 2021)

The City of Pocatello has released a summary of its September 9 discussion/negotiation meeting with the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) Local 187 regarding the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

To view the summary, visit

Audio of the meeting is available at

Minutes of the meeting will be posted at (under the Fire Union tab) once they are approved by both City and IAFF Local 187 representatives.

Pastor who stood up for religious freedom against Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to speak in Pocatello


Agenda for Pocatello City Council Meeting to be Held on Thursday, September 16, Available Online


September 14, 2021

2020–2021 City Council: Linda Leeuwrik, Rick Cheatum, Roger Bray, Claudia Ortega (back row); Heidi Adamson, Brian Blad, Chris Stevens (front row) (Photo Credit: City of Pocatello)

The agenda for the Pocatello City Council meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 16, is available on the City’s website.

Included on the agenda are a public hearing on FY 2021 Budget Amendments, a lease agreement between the City and KC’s Boxing Club for a property located at 323 N. Main Street, Collective Bargaining Agreements for the Police and Fire Unions, and the FY 2022 Departmental Fee Resolution.

The city Council meeting will be held in the City Hall Council Chambers, 911 N. 7th Avenue, beginning at 6:00 p.m.

To view the agenda, visit:  Pocatello City Council Meeting Agenda, September 16, 2021


Idaho Representative Dorothy Moon, Leader in Fight Against Mandatory Vaccines, to Speak at Liberty Dinner in Pocatello this Saturday, September 18


September 14, 2021

Idaho State Representative Dorothy Moon

Idaho Representative Dorothy Moon (R-8B) will be speaking at the monthly Liberty Dinner in Pocatello this coming Saturday, September 18.

Representative Moon is a leader in the Idaho legislature in the fight to protect Idahoans from mandatory vaccines.  She will be addressing the actions being taken by members of the Conservative Caucus to hold a special legislative session to prohibit mask mandates in Idaho, election integrity, and other current issues in her talk.

Reservations are required to attend the dinner, which will begin at 6:00 p.m. at Mountain Valley Baptist Church, 202 S. 7th Avenue in Pocatello.

Liberty Dinner Series events take place on the third Saturday of each month.  The series gives attendees the opportunity to connect with others who share conservative values, enjoy a catered meal, and hear from a speaker engaged in the fight to preserve and/or restore freedoms for Idahoans.  Past speakers have included the founders of RECONNECT Southeast Idaho, Representative Ron Nate, the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Anna K. Miller, Air Force Academy graduate/fighter pilot turned Idaho Representative Priscilla Giddings, and Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin.

To learn more about the Liberty Dinners, to make reservations, or to become a sponsor of the events, contact John Crowder, Publisher of the Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer, via email at

Pastor who stood up for religious freedom against Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to speak in Pocatello


Worley for Pocatello Mayor Campaign Kickoff Event, Tonight, Monday, September 13, 7:00 P.M. at the Leavitt Center


September 13, 2021

David Worley (Photo Credit: David Worley for Pocatello Mayor, FB)

Tonight, Monday, September 13, the David Worley for Pocatello Mayor Campaign will be hosting their campaign kickoff event at the Leavitt Center, 1030 E. Sublette Street in Pocatello.  The event is scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m.  More information can be found, here:  David Worley for Pocatello Mayor Campaign Kickoff Event

The event page reads, “Members of our Pocatello community are invited to join us to officially launch David Worley’s campaign for Mayor of Pocatello.  Attendees will get to hear David introduce himself, speak about his principles and issues that are deeply important to citizens, as well as learn how to help him get elected as the next Mayor of Pocatello!”

According to Worley’s campaign page, “David Worley was born and raised in Pocatello, Idaho and is a proud Pocatello Indian alum.  David earned a Bachelor’s degree in Government and International Politics from George Mason University, Virginia.  He also has a Master of Arts in Statecraft and National Security Affairs from the Institute of World Politics, Washington D.C.

David Worley is a commissioned infantry officer in the Army National Guard with nineteen years of public service as a member of the armed forces, including twelve years of active duty.  He is a combat veteran and has deployed three times to the Middle East, including two tours to Iraq.

In addition to his military service David has always been involved in his church and community.  David Worley’s wife, Barbara, is also a Pocatello Indian alum and was born and raised in Chubbuck.  They have five children and are eager to serve the citizens of Pocatello.”

Pastor who stood up for religious freedom against Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to speak in Pocatello


Patriots for Liberty and Constitution to Discuss George Washington’s Farewell Address, Tonight, Monday, September 13


September 13, 2021

Tonight, Monday, September 13, Patriots for Liberty & Constitution (Patriots) will continue their discussion of George Washington’s Farewell Address during their weekly class.

Patriots, led by Art da Rosa, meets at Mountain Valley Baptist Church, 202 S. 7th Avenue in Pocatello, every Monday beginning at 6:00 p.m.  Tonight’s class is scheduled to run for 50 minutes.

All who support individual freedom are invited, and encouraged, to attend.

To learn more, visit:  Patriots for Liberty and Constitution: George Washington’s Farewell Address Discussion, Part 2

Pastor who stood up for religious freedom against Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to speak in Pocatello


Marshall Public Library Launches Revamped


(City of Pocatello Press Release, September 13, 2021)

Finding out more about the happenings at the Marshall Public Library just got easier.

Monday, the Library unveiled a newly redesigned  The new site is mobile-friendly, and content is now streamlined, making it easier for users to navigate and find details on the programs and services offered by the Marshall Public Library.  Additionally, a mobile printing feature has been added that allows patrons to send a print job from their device to a printer at the Library for pick up the same day.

“Mobile printing will be a huge benefit to patrons that don’t have printers or are in a hurry and don’t have time to log onto one of the Library’s public computers,” said Trina Bonman, Associate Director with the Marshall Public Library.  “We often have students printing their homework and other patrons printing tax returns, documents, and more.”

For employees at the Library, managing the site on a daily basis will be easier.  Using a content management system, updating text and images on will be a much simpler process.

“The old site was hand-coded, and, if you don’t have experience with coding, it’s difficult to make any changes,” said Rick Satterfield, Webmaster.  “With the content management system, you can select your image, update the text, and the content management system does the coding for you.”

The previous version of the site had been in place since 2010. marks the third City-affiliated site to be refreshed in 2021.  The City’s main site,, was updated in February, and Pocatello Regional Airport’s,, was relaunched in June.

For more information on the programs and services available at the Marshall Public Library, visit or like the Library’s Facebook page at

Pastor who stood up for religious freedom against Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to speak in Pocatello


Editorial: Idahoans Must Take Action Now in Fight for Freedom – Tell Your Legislators to Do their Duty, Protect Your Rights


September 13, 2021

Idahoans Must Take Action Now in Fight for Freedom – Tell Your Legislators to Do their Duty, Protect Your Rights

by:  John Crowder

John Crowder, Publisher, Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer

Idahoans:  Call your legislators.  Tell them to be in Boise on Wednesday, September 15, and to do the job to which they were elected, protecting Idahoans freedoms and livelihoods.

Individual freedom is under unprecedented attack in America.  Biden’s recent announcement that he intends to use the federal bureaucracy, in this case the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), to force the COVID “vaccine” on tens of millions of Americans, is the latest, and to date the most egregious, example of government moving to control every aspect of our lives.

What are Americans who value their liberty to do?

Under our federalist system, the first line of defense against federal tyranny is state government.  Yet, here in Idaho, a supposedly, “conservative state,” our “leaders” are missing in action.  The House, because they recessed, could be called back into session by Speaker Scott Bedke, to address this current crisis, but he’s refused mounting calls to do so.  In the meantime, Idahoans who won’t comply with Biden’s mandate, and those of corporations seemingly intent on doing the government’s bidding, are in grave danger of losing their livelihoods.

There is hope, but it’s clear that it’s going to take Idahoans demanding action from their legislators to prevent an impending disaster for many workers and their families.  Several Idaho legislators, part of the Conservative Coalition, who take their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution seriously, and by extension who understand that their first duty is to protect the rights of Americans, will be meeting in Boise this coming Wednesday, September 15.  They will seek to establish a quorum (36 Representatives) who can then put forward a bill to prevent vaccine mandates in our state.

Idaho Representative Heather Scott

As a recent email update from Idaho Representative Heather Scott showed, it is not a great challenge to write such a bill.  The wording could be as simple as this:

COVID-19 VACCINE REQUIREMENTS PROHIBITED.  No person, firm, corporation or other business entity or representative thereof, shall require as a condition for employment or continuation of employment any person or employee to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.  A violation of this section shall constitute a misdemeanor.

The issue is not writing the bill.  No, the issue is whether or not legislators will show up to defend the people and their rights.  We know the members of the Conservative Coalition will be there.  Unfortunately, many Republican legislators in Idaho will not.  They’ll hide behind such platitudes as, “We don’t want to interfere with private business.”

Don’t fall for this false narrative.  Such Republicans are like the Pharisees, using tradition as an excuse to do nothing when the people are crying out for relief.

We Idahoans must take action to get our legislators to Boise on September 15.  Call, email, text, direct message, but let your legislator know that you expect him or her to heed the call, to go to Boise, and to fight back against forced vaccine mandates.

And for those that won’t hear you, Primaries are Coming.  Start now to identify candidates who understand that the most basic purpose of government is to protect our rights.  Those who won’t stand for liberty should be turned out, en masse.

Pastor who stood up for religious freedom against Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to speak in Pocatello


Pocatello: Road Closures/Traffic Report for Week Beginning September 13, 2021

(Photo Credit: City of Pocatello)

September 13, 2021 (Photo Credit: City of Pocatello)

The City of Pocatello has posted the Road Closures/Traffic Report for the week of September 13, 2021.

The reports, issued weekly, detail the City’s plans for street sweeping, micro sealing road patching, paving, signal work, water line installations, and more.

To view the report for the week of September 13, 2021, visit:  Pocatello Traffic Report/Road Closures, Week of September 13, 2021

Pastor who stood up for religious freedom against Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to speak in Pocatello


Software Switch Powers Energy Savings Equivalent to Three Homes at Pocatello Regional Airport


(City of Pocatello Press Release, September 13, 2021; Photo Credit:  Pocatello Regional Airport)

A software change is leading to some big energy savings at Pocatello Regional Airport.

Recently, the airport upgraded its heating, ventilation, and air conditioning control system software to Alerton’s Compass building technology system.  The new software has optimum start/stop capabilities meaning the software analyzes indoor and outdoor temperatures and other factors such as how fast the building cools down and heats up.  From there, the system determines the best time to either turn the system on or shut it off.

“The new system will allow us to better control the comfort of our terminal building while recognizing energy savings in the off-peak hours,” said Alan Evans, Pocatello Regional Airport Manager.  “The switch will help us save money in both energy and maintenance costs.”

The software is estimated to save nearly 36,544 kWh annually or the equivalent yearly energy use of three homes.

The total cost of the project was $9,920.  Thanks to a $9,850 incentive from Idaho Power, the airport only had to pay $70 for the switch.

“Thank you to Idaho Power for making the process easy and helping us become better stewards of our energy consumption,” Evans said.  “This upgrade will benefit Pocatello Regional Airport for many years to come.”

In 2019, Pocatello Regional Airport utilized Idaho Power’s incentive program to change out lights in the terminal and maintenance shop for energy-efficient LED lighting.  The program has also helped fund light swaps at the Marshall Public Library, City Hall, and Community Recreation Center.

For more information on Pocatello Regional Airport, visit

Pastor who stood up for religious freedom against Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to speak in Pocatello