Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Pocatello Creek Waterline Installation Began September 30; Will Continue Into November


(City of Pocatello Press Release, September 30, 2022)

Beginning Friday, September 30, 2022, for approximately six weeks, contracted work crews will be installing a new City waterline on Pocatello Creek Road. Work will continue on Pocatello Creek Rd. and extends from Jefferson Ave. to Call Creek Dr.

The right-hand eastbound lane of Pocatello Creek Rd. beginning at Jefferson Ave. will be closed from September 30 for approximately six weeks. Both directions of travel in the work area will be temporarily restricted to one lane on weekday nights from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. during portions of this work.



Vehicle operators are asked to use caution and follow construction signage and temporary lane indicators when navigating the work zone.  During the project, access to the construction area will be restricted and sections of the street will be closed entirely while workers are executing the project work. Every effort will be made to provide local access to the area when possible. At the close of each day, access will be restored to all properties.


AMVETS Monthly Breakfast is Today, October 1. Everyone Welcome! Come on Down!


October 1, 2022

The AMVETS Monthly Breakfast is today, Saturday, October 1, from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at the Bannock County Veterans Memorial Building, 300 N. Johnson Avenue in Pocatello.

The public is invited to ‘come on down and experience quality breakfast.’

Breakfasts include pancakes, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, two kinds of sausage, biscuits & gravy, coffee, and orange juice.  Nobody goes away hungry!

Breakfast is only $8.00…and kids 5 years old and younger eat free!

This month, members of Boy Scout Troop 315 will be working for tips and donations.  To heighten the excitement, Defender Baseball will also be selling tickets for their Shotgun Raffle at the pancake breakfast.

See you there!


Trump Issues Statement Regarding Mar-a-Lago Document Lawsuit

45th President Donald J. Trump

October 1, 2022

45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump has issued the following statement about the pending lawsuit regarding the documents seized during the Mar-a-Lago raid:

The Document Hoax Lawsuit, which is the “Weaponization” of the Justice Department and the FBI, is yet another Scam against me, much like Russia, Russia, Russia, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, the Mueller Report (No Collusion!), Spying on my Campaign (and getting caught!), Lying to the FISA Court, Lying to Congress, Illegally Breaking into my home in Florida in violation of the Fourth Amendment, also violating the Presidential Records Act, and so much more. This is all being done in order to hurt a political opponent, me, who is leading in all of the polls by over 50 points against Republicans, and from 5 to 10 points against the two primary Democrats, Biden and North Korea Sympathizer Kamala Harris. They have been doing this to me for six years ever since my wonderful journey down the “Golden Escalator.” The Radical Left Democrats are out-of-control, and our Country is going to Hell!



Guest Column–Scott Bedke: Pocatello Is Well Positioned for the Future


September 30, 2022

Pocatello Is Well Positioned for the Future

By: Speaker Scott Bedke, Republican Nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Idaho

Scott Bedke, Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor
(photo credit: Scott Bedke for Lt. Governor FB)

My campaign for Lieutenant Governor has taken me all over the state of Idaho in the past few months. I’ve had an opportunity to see firsthand the rapid growth of our state, and have talked to local leaders and residents about how this growth is affecting their homes, businesses and everyday lives. We can all point to the problems inherent in this kind of “boom town” growth, but we also must admit that it presents us with unique opportunities and unquestionable benefits.

I just finished a visit to Pocatello and am heartened and encouraged by what’s happening in this southeastern hub. The city already boasts Idaho State University, the Idaho Museum of Natural History, and Zoo Idaho – but plans are in the works for even more exciting developments. I was impressed not only with the development plans, but also with the foresight local leaders are exhibiting in their efforts to invest in sensible, sustainable growth.

Work on the I-86/I-15 interchange will reduce traffic congestion for the locals while opening a new artery that should increase access for tourists and the revenue they produce. Expansion of the Pocatello Regional Airport is underway, under the direction of a contractor who believes in using “made in America” products. As in so many other areas of the state, new housing developments are sprouting up, which will help alleviate the ongoing and increasing demand for affordable housing.

Despite all the growth and development, Pocatello manages to maintain its small-town feel and spirit. For instance, they have just unveiled plans for a new town square/event hub which will provide a focal point for community activities and events that will shore up their reputation as a great Idaho city. As a fourth-generation cattle rancher from Oakley, a town of roughly 900 people, I appreciate those efforts because I know that small towns are the backbone of America. They provide the perfect environment to live and raise a family, and Pocatello is just such a place.

Idaho has been discovered and a certain amount of growth is inevitable. But none of us wants to wake up in ten years and wonder what became of our beloved state. That’s why I tip my hat to the leaders of Pocatello as they move into the future with an eye toward innovation and development while jealously guarding their local history. With effective leadership like this in our local communities, Idaho will remain a place we can be proud to call home.



Bannock County Burn Ban Extended Through October 15


(Bannock County Press Release, September 30, 2022)

The Bannock County Commissioners voted Friday to extend the county-wide burn ban through Oct. 15, 2022.

The ban, which began on July 1, extends to certain types of fires for most parts of Bannock County: Inkom, Downey, Arimo, McCammon, Lava, Pocatello Valley, Chubbuck, Pocatello, and North Bannock Fire District. Many of the fire officials from the municipalities and fire districts throughout Bannock County worked together to create a unified burn ban with the intent of reducing the risk of wildfires.

“The potential for wildfires has not reduced enough for us to safely let it expire. We appreciate Bannock County residents continuing their efforts to reduce the risk of fires,” said Wes Jones, Director of the Bannock County Office of Emergency Management.



No open burning or recreational fires are allowed within the Wildland-Urban Interface Areas of Bannock County due to current fire danger and fuel moisture levels. The use of commercial gas fire pits and appliances designed for food prep, such as gas grills and/or charcoal briquettes, are exempted from the ban when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

 “I strongly encourage all citizens to heed the ban and potentially save the lives and homes of fellow residents,” said Pocatello Fire Marshall Nick Christensen. “We will continue to monitor the temperatures, fuel levels, and precipitation to find the right time to discontinue the ban.”

The ban will remain in place until October 15 or until conditions allow it to be lifted.

Residents with questions about the burn ban are encouraged to contact their local fire department/district.


Two Mobile Home Communities Hold Yard Sales This Weekend


September 30, 2022

Two local mobile home communities in Pocatello will be holding community-wide yard sales in Pocatello this weekend.

Stop by Belaire Estates Mobile Home Park, located at 1550 Yellowstone, and Cowboy Mobile Home Community, located at 845 Barton Road, to check out the many items up for sale.

The dates and hours for the yard sale are September 30 through October 2 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

GOP Announces Candidate Forum for District 29, Thursday, October 6


September 30, 2022

Pocatello–David Worley, Bannock County Republican Party Chair for District 29, will host a candidate forum at the Purpose Center, located at 224 N. Main St. in Pocatello, on Thursday, October 6, at 7:00 p.m.  The event is free and open to the public.  Refreshments will be provided.


Dr. Anthony Harper Reports: Is Israel an Apartheid State?


(InterMountain Christian News Press Release, September 29, 2022)

Washington, D.C.–White House Correspondent Dr. M. Anthony Harper has just returned from Jerusalem, Israel to report on the myth of Israel as an Apartheid state. That myth is debunked in Dr. Harper’s experience at the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem and elsewhere he interacted with Moslems and Jews. Dr. Harper states that “it is a lie of Israel being an Apartheid state.” He interviewed an Arab and Jewish medical doctor as well as a patient there at the famed Hadassah Hospital (Medical Center) in Jerusalem. Both medical doctors and the patient stated clearly that Israel is not an Apartheid state. Hospital representative Barbara Sofer said that “I would say that anyone who dares to call Israel an apartheid state should see a psychiatrist. We are totally integrated. We are in a hospital where both staff and patients are exactly equal. We have department heads who are Arabs and department heads who are Jews. We have patients as you can see in every department and every waiting room in every surgical place.” To watch Dr. Harper’s interviews with the Arab and Jewish doctors as well as the patient and hospital representative Barbara Sofer, click on the following YouTube link:
Regarding Dr. Harper’s other concerns of Anti-Semitism, he had an interview in the Knesset with Mansour Abbas, a Ra’am party member of the Knesset who defines himself as a Palestinian (United Arab List). Abbas said that “Christians are our brothers in all parts of the earth, especially in the Holy Land. They are our brothers. We serve everyone and strive to strengthen the status of everyone……..In this context, we are positive, we have no enemies with anyone.” Dr. Harper finds Abbas’ statements difficult to believe since Abbas and The Ra’am party (United Arab List) display their Anti-Semitism through their actions of “supporting the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, with an end of the occupation and dismantling of the settlements. It also seeks the release of Palestinian prisoners and the right of return of Palestinian refugees.” Source:
Watch Dr. Harper’s interview with Mansour Abbas at the following YouTube link:
Dr. Harper is concerned about the funding of ‘Palestinian’ causes such as the Anti-Semitic U.N. agency UNRWA and ‘Palestinian’ Authority’s ‘Pay to Slay’ program in violation of the Taylor Force Act.

Brush Up on Idaho’s Trespassing Laws Before You Go Hunting or Fishing


(Idaho Fish & Game Press Release, September 27, 2022; Image Credit IF&G)

Hunters, anglers and other sportsmen and women should be aware of Idaho trespass laws before they head into the field. Trespass laws changed in 2018, and here are some basic things to remember:

  • You need permission to be on private land.
  • It’s the responsibility of the hunter/angler to know if they’re on private land.
  • The laws affecting how landowners must post their property changed in recent years.
  • Fines have been stiffened for trespass violations.

“Trespass laws changed in 2018, but the core philosophies have not,” said Idaho Fish and Game’s Enforcement Bureau Chief Greg Wooten. “It’s still the sportsman’s responsibility to know when they’re on private property and obtain permission to be there.”

Hunters, anglers, trappers and other people should know that land is private and they are not allowed without permission if:

The property is associated with a residence or business;

  • Or cultivated;
  • Or fenced or enclosed in a way that delineates the private property;
  • Or unfenced and uncultivated but is posted with conspicuous “no trespassing’ signs or bright orange/ fluorescent paint at all property corners and boundaries where the property intersects navigable streams, roads, gates and rights-of-way entering the land and posted in a way that people can see the postings.



Note: if private property adjoins or is contained within public lands, the fence line adjacent to public land should be posted with “no trespassing signs” or bright orange or fluorescent paint at the corners of the fence adjoining public land and at all navigable streams, roads, gates and rights-of-way entering the private land from public land and posted in a way that people can see the postings.

People can use a variety of tools to determine whether they’re on public or private lands, including maps, GPS, software (some of which also shows private land ownership), smart phone apps, and more.



Hunters and anglers seeking permission to be on private lands should get written permission from the landowner. A permission form is available on page 2 of the 2022 Big Game Season and Rules booklet and at Fish and Game offices.

Other methods of permission are still legal, but written “is the most solid permission you can have,” Wooten said.

Sportsmen and women should also beware of penalties for trespassing. Hunters and anglers have long faced a mandatory one-year revocation of hunting and fishing privileges if they are convicted of trespassing while engaging those activities. There are also steep fines for repeat offenders, and for a person convicted of trespassing three times within a 10-year period, there’s a minimum $5,000 fine, one to five year license suspension and they could be charged with a felony.

To learn more about the new law, see Fish and Game’s 2018 Trespass Law webpage.


Pocatello Arts Council Cancels October Monthly Meeting


(City of Pocatello Public Notice, September 29, 2022)



PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT the Pocatello Arts Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 4, 2022 has been canceled due to lack of a quorum. The next monthly meeting will be held November 1, 2022.

DATED this 29th day of September 2022.

Submitted by:
Konni Kendell, Staff Liaison