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President Trump Commemorates the 75th Anniversary Year of Israel’s Founding

45th President Donald J. Trump (Photo credit Truth Social)

(Trump Statement, June 2, 2023; Photo Credit: Donald Trump on Truth Social)

“I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the people of Israel on the 75th anniversary year of your country’s founding. The State of Israel is the fulfillment of a dream that endured through generations of hardship and through the bottomless evils of the Holocaust, the dream of a Jewish state in the Jewish homeland.

“Against all odds, the State of Israel was born and now more than seven decades later, Israel has not just survived, it has prospered as a blessing of Almighty God to the entire world. As President, it was my honor to be the best friend the people of Israel have ever had in the White House. I withdrew from the horrendous Iran Nuclear Deal. I kept my promise and officially recognized the eternal capital of Israel and opened the American Embassy in Jerusalem.

“I also recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights–something that nobody thought was even possible to get. I did more for Israel than any other President, probably times 10. And that’s okay. We did a great job and I’m very proud of it. Great people, incredible people, brave people. And with the historic Abraham Accords, we even created peace in the Middle East, the most important diplomatic breakthrough in many generations.

“Once again to our Israeli friends, congratulations on this joyous occasion. The American people will stand with you always, and so will I.

“Thank you.”

To watch this speech, click here.



Risch Rejects Debt Ceiling Increase


(Senator James Risch Press Release, June 1, 2023)

Washington – U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho) issued the following statement after voting against the debt ceiling increase:

“Idahoans live within their means by making responsible financial decisions for their families—the federal government should do the same,” said Risch.  “This debt ceiling increase puts a band-aid on a hemorrhage, and we will be in this same situation again and again until we address the federal government’s underlying spending problem.”


Guest Column–Dorothy Moon: There Is No Victory in Debt Ceiling Deal


June 2, 2023

There Is No Victory in Debt Ceiling Deal

By: Dorothy Moon, IDGOP Chairwoman

Dorothy Moon, Chairwoman of the Idaho Republican Party

The United States is grappling with a severe spending addiction that shows no signs of abating. Year after year, our government fails to implement responsible budgetary measures, instead opting to borrow more money to fund its excessive expenditures. The recent decision to raise the debt ceiling, while it may help us avoid immediate disaster, does little to change the trajectory of government growth. While some felt this was necessary under the circumstances, it is crucial to acknowledge that this action only perpetuates the continued expansion of government and once again exposes the reckless spending habits of our federal government, enabling this addiction to persist and burdening future generations with insurmountable debt.

As we move past this recent debt ceiling issue, it is essential to focus on the actual problem at hand: our government’s routine and significant overspending. The fundamental issue lies in the fact that our country consistently spends far more than it takes in. This is simply unsustainable and threatens the long-term economic stability and prosperity of our nation.

The State of Idaho, like many others, has been accepting funds from the empty pocket of the federal government for years. It is crucial to recognize that the government, just like any individual or household, cannot continue to borrow indefinitely without dire consequences. It is the equivalent to using a credit card with no spending limit—it may temporarily create a false sense of security, but it only postpones the inevitable. We must acknowledge that spending beyond our means is not a sustainable solution.

The pattern of kicking the can down the road, masquerading it as a major victory, is nothing more than an illusion. By deferring the debt crisis to the future, we are prolonging the inevitable and potentially worsening the consequences. Instead of addressing our financial challenges head-on, our leaders are burdening future generations with the responsibility of rectifying our fiscal irresponsibility. It is disheartening to witness such claims of success while avoiding the fundamental issue at hand.



Conservative Republicans fully understand the significance of fiscal responsibility and find it unacceptable to continuously spend money we do not have. While the recent debt ceiling increase may have been the best course of action in the immediate term, it does little to address the underlying problem. As Republicans, we advocate for a more conservative approach to our nation’s finances. We recognize that reducing spending is a challenging but necessary task. It is imperative that we focus on minimizing government waste, promoting economic growth, and implementing prudent budgeting practices.

Now more than ever, it is crucial to petition our leaders to implement responsible fiscal policies that prioritize the long-term well-being of our nation. We must remain aware of the dangers of spending beyond our means and the severe consequences it imposes on our children and grandchildren. By confronting our financial challenges head-on, we can safeguard the prosperity of our nation and secure a better future for all Americans.

Idaho Republican Party Chairwoman Dorothy Moon issued the above guest column that first published in the Times-News, and now will be published in other media outlets around Idaho.





Pocatello Police Advisory: Investigation at Stepping Stones Preschool and Childcare Center


(Pocatello Police Department Advisory, June 2, 2023; Image Credit: PPD FB)

On 6/2/23 at approximately 1430 hours [2:30 p.m.], Pocatello Police Investigators responded to Stepping Stones Preschool and Childcare Center in Pocatello.  Pocatello Police were conducting follow-up into an ongoing investigation and subsequently, revoked Stepping Stones Preschool and Childcare Center’s City of Pocatello Childcare License.  Parents of the children attending the daycare have been contacted and advised of the investigation.  No further information can be released at this time.


Attorney General Labrador Sues Biden Administration Over Unlawful Open-Borders Policies


(Attorney General’s Office Press Release, June 1, 2023)

Boise – As part of an 18-state coalition, Attorney General Raúl Labrador is suing the Biden administration over its proposed new “Circumvention of Lawful Pathways” rule.

“The Biden administration’s proposed plan to address the surge of illegal border crossings is inadequate. The proposal carves out exceptions restricting DHS from effectively combatting unlawful entry into the United States. If the Biden administration were serious about securing our borders, they would re-introduce the Migrant Protection Protocol,” Attorney General Labrador said.



The federal government has characterized the new rule as a means for continuing to regulate immigration since the expiration of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) Title 42 public health order. That policy gave authorities greater ability to bar illegal immigrants from crossing the border during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In reality, however, the new rule just worsens the problem by redefining previously illegal border crossings as “lawful pathways.”

Besides Idaho, the Indiana-led lawsuit is also joined by Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia and Wyoming.

The lawsuit is linked here.


Pocatello Fire Department Receives Three New Brush Trucks Ahead of Wildfire Season


(City of Pocatello Press Release, June 1, 2023; Image Credit: City of Pocatello)

The Pocatello Fire Department is excited to roll out three new Ford F550 wildland brush trucks just ahead of wildfire season. The new trucks were made possible by a generous donation from Idaho Central Credit Union, the Assistance to Firefighter Grant, and Pocatello City Council approving the purchase of one. The total cost for the three new brush trucks was $511,695.

“We are excited to get these new brush trucks with wildfire season just around the corner. The new trucks will be a great asset to the team,” said Pocatello Fire Chief Ryan O’Hearn.

The new brush trucks are outfitted with a custom bed, 4-wheel drive chassis, 150 gpm Darley diesel powered pump, ability to carry 400 gallons of water, latest advancements in safety features, and the necessary equipment for crews to handle a wildland fire. These trucks were manufactured by Boise Mobile Equipment out of Boise, Idaho.



The new trucks are replacing the existing 1990 International, 1991 GMC 2500, and 1998 GMC 2500 brush trucks.

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will take place Thursday, June 8, at 5:15 p.m. at City Hall. This event is free and open to the public. Following the ribbon-cutting event, the new brush trucks will be based at Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3.

City Hall is accessible to persons with disabilities. Program access accommodations may be provided with three (3) days advance notice by contacting Skyler Beebe at, 208.234.6248, or 5815 South 5th Avenue, Pocatello, ID.


6th Judicial District Magistrates Commission Seeks Input on Judge Appointment


(Bannock County Press Release, May 31, 2023)

The Sixth Judicial District Magistrates Commission will be selecting a magistrate judge to replace the Hon. Thomas W. Clark, who will be retiring effective August 31, 2023. The Magistrates Commission asks you for your help in the appointment by providing us with your comments on the following applicants:

Eighteen (18) applicants have applied for the position:

  • Nathan Duane Adams (Deputy Prosecutor: Kootenai County, Hayden, ID)
  • Jason Michael Brown (Private Attorney: May, Rammell & Wells, Pocatello, ID)
  • Jeremy Dean Brown (Deputy Public Defender: Bannock County, Blackfoot, ID)
  • John Joseph Bulger (Private Attorney: Hearn Law PLC, Pocatello, ID)
  • Jason Ronald Chandler (Deputy Attorney General: Pocatello Office, Blackfoot, ID)
  • Robert Thomas Curl (Deputy Public Defender: Blaine County, Ketchum, ID)
  • Richard Allen Diehl (Pocatello Deputy City Attorney: Chubbuck, ID)
  • Rilie Michael Fry (Senior Deputy Public Defender: Bannock County, Pocatello, ID)
  • Monte Christopher Gray (Asst. General Counsel: Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, Pocatello, ID)
  • lan Christopher Johnson (Pocatello Deputy City Attorney: Pocatello, ID)
  • Michael Joshua Morrissey (Public Defender: Power/Oneida Joint Office, Pocatello, ID)
  • David Kay Penrod (Private Attorney: Penrod Swenson PLLC, Pocatello, ID)
  • JaNiece Price (Deputy Prosecutor: Bannock County, Pocatello, ID)
  • Brad Leonard Rigby (Deputy Public Defender: Bonneville County, Ammon, ID)
  • Randy W. Smith (Canyon County Deputy Public Defender IV, Middleton, ID)
  • Thomas Daniel Smith (Private Attorney at Spinner, Wood & Smith, Inkom, ID)
  • Erin Jennifer Tognetti (Deputy Prosecutor: Bannock County, Lava Hot Springs, ID)
  • Joshua Wickard (Deputy Public Defender: Ada County, Boise, ID)

Evaluation questionnaires on the applicants will be sent to attorneys statewide.  Evaluation forms for public comment may be obtained from the Sixth District Trial Court Administrator’s Office, 624 E. Center, Room 307, Pocatello, Idaho 83201 or your local county courthouse. You can call 208-236-7379 or request a form by email at:

Any individuals with personal knowledge regarding the qualification of the applicants are urged to complete the evaluation form.  Evaluations on the magistrate judge applicants should be returned to the Trial Court Administrator’s Office at 624 E. Center, Room 307, Pocatello, ID 83201, or by email no later than June 23, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.



Guest Column–Art da Rosa: The Truth About the Debt Ceiling


May 31, 2023

The Truth About the Debt Ceiling

By: Art da Rosa, PE, MPA, CFM

Art da Rosa, Founder of Patriots for Liberty and Constitution (Photo Credit: Art da Rosa)

Earlier today, I received a message asking me to sign a petition to Congressman Fulcher urging him not to vote for the Debt Ceiling, but instead “to push for a real deal.”  I respect Mr. Fulcher, and I also signed the petition.  Still, much about the Debt Ceiling is not understood or reported.

To begin with, over the past six decades the topic of the Debt Ceiling was argued and 78 times was the Debt Ceiling raised. The Republicans caved in each time.  Why?  Here is the truth.

Congress has the Power of the Purse.  Over the past six decades, no one political party has had a supermajority.  A consensus was required to pass such bills as spending bills and raising the Debt Ceiling.  The positions of the Democrats vs. the Republicans are vastly different on this topic.

Frequently, the reported news was that our Nation needed to have the debt ceiling raised to keep the government running AND to not default on our debts.  The second point is especially important, but one that I believe is not understood.

Typically, the problem goes beyond keeping the government running.  The budget does that: i.e. to fund the military, the parks services, and even the Social Security checks.  This remains true even in the odd years when Washington does not pass a budget.  In other words, there is sufficient money to keep the government running.  What is not budgeted and not reported are the debts.  What is that exactly?  Today, our national debt is approximately $32 trillion.  Interest on this debt is substantial, as in a magnitude in the trillions of dollars.  Not having the debt ceiling raised means not being able to make the payment on the interest of the national debt.



Position of the Democrats: They have repeatedly pushed for raising the debt ceiling so that our nation can pay for our debt.  While it may sound reasonable, I must point out that their motivation is for them to demand more spending in the following budget cycles.  “Hey, we have room in our books, let’s spend it!”  This message has been repeated 78 times.

Position of the Republicans: Repeatedly, they have resisted raising the debt ceiling.  Repeatedly, they asked for tax cuts, which means lowering the spending.  Note again that lowering the spending will create room in the budget to pay for our debts or the interest on our debts.  They even had the government temporarily shut down.  Temporarily.

78 times.  The Democrats know that they have the media on their side, and that the media will not clarify all the issues, thus beating up on the Republicans.  Do the Republicans care about perceptions? They do…greatly.  Furthermore, with China trying to replace the Dollar with its Yuan, I agree that defaulting on our debt is very bad.

Additionally, paying the debts is simply a moral obligation.  Right?  Once a loan is taken, we should honor our words and pay the debt.  That I agree with.  What I disagree with is the continual growth of the yearly budget.  Cut it.  Reduce it.  At the minimum, Freeze it.

The counterargument to the above argument is inflation.  The Democrats say something like, “federal employees deserve to have their salary keep up with inflation.”  “The federal agencies need to have their allocation adjusted to inflation.”  And so the annual budget keeps increasing, and our ability to pay the debt is diminished until the debt ceiling is raised.



Next year, we will have the same discussion in Washington: Raise the Debt Ceiling, or else we have to shut down the government and default on our debts.

The true solution is for the government to lower its spending, and include our debt in the budget.

The Republicans need to be firm in demanding a comprehensive yearly budget.  Cut the budget to the level that we, as a nation, can afford.  And pay our debt without raising the debt ceiling.

If they don’t, we need to send others to Washington that will.

Art da Rosa is the founder of the book discussion group Patriots for Liberty and Constitution.  Beginning in February, he will be leading the group in a discussion of Henry Hazlitt’s classic book, Economics in One Lesson.



AMVETS Breakfast, Saturday, June 3, at Bannock County Veterans Memorial Building; Everyone Welcome!


June 1, 2023

The next AMVETS of Pocatello “1st Saturday of the Month Pancake Breakfast” is Saturday, June 3, from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., at the Bannock County Veterans Memorial Building, 300 N. Johnson Avenue.

The AMVETS cooks encourage all to come down and join them for their Grand Slam breakfast.

Breakfasts include pancakes, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, two kinds of sausage, biscuits & gravy, coffee, and orange juice.  Nobody goes away hungry!

Boy Scouts Troop 395 will be working the tables for Tips & Donations.  There will also be lumpia for sale: $10 a Dozen, Fried or Frozen.

Breakfast is only $8.00…and kids 5 years old and younger eat free!




Fulcher Votes “No” on Debt Ceiling Raise; Releases Statement


(Congressman Russ Fulcher Statement, May 31, 2023)

Washington, D.C.–Congressman Fulcher released the following statement on the Fiscal Responsibility Act:

“Today, I voted no on the bill dealing with America’s debt ceiling issue – the Fiscal Responsibility Act. In a negotiation where the Senate and White House were controlled by Democrats, Speaker McCarthy did an admirable job in gaining some Republican victories. However ultimately, I cannot justify the debt implications that the legislation poses to Idahoans and fellow Americans.

“We should never have been in this situation. For over 100 days, President Biden refused to negotiate with House Republicans to find a solution to this crisis. So last month, House Republicans led and passed the Limit, Save, Grow Act – with more than thirty days before the debt limit deadline. The bill would have mitigated the debt ceiling crisis while enacting historic spending reductions. Democrats controlling the Senate have refused to put it up for a vote.

“When I came to Washington, I condemned Congress’ habit of legislating by crisis – where serious work is delayed leading to eleventh-hour bills packed with unrelated policies – and vowed to fight that culture. A culture all too familiar, particularly under the current administration.”