March 13, 2021

As legislators and bureaucrats push the idea of mandatory vaccinations (NY Lawmaker Introduces Legislation to Require COVID Vaccination), Gallup reports that the majority of health care and front-line workers would either refuse the mRNA “vaccines” (34%) or were unsure if they would agree to take it (18%).  The result was striking, as the question for the poll asked, “Imagine that a vaccine to prevent the coronavirus will be free and widely available this Spring after approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and that it prevented COVID-19 in at least 90% of participants in a large clinical trial.  Would you agree to be vaccinated?”

The results suggest that health care workers in reaching a decision for or against vaccination are far more likely to trust what they are witnessing firsthand, as they care for those suffering from adverse reactions to the shots, than to trust edicts from bureaucrats, politicians, and government agencies urging acceptance.

“The findings in this research indicate that there is some hesitancy to get the vaccine among workers in all sectors,” said the Gallup report.  It continues, “The modest COVID-19 vaccine acceptance rates among healthcare workers and first responders are notable given that a much larger proportion of this group reported that they received a flu vaccine in 2019.”

The public health response to this news has thus far been to continue a public relations campaign.  Public health research, the report states, has shown “that vaccine acceptance can be boosted through various strategies, such as a recommendation from care providers with whom people have existing relationships, local availability, and recommendations from groups such as the Centers for Disease Controls (CDC) and other public health departments.”

To view an article on the Gallup website detailing the results of the study upon which these statistics were reported, visit:  Front Line Workers Not Keen on Vaccine


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