April 4, 2021 (Photo Credit:  NBFD FB Page)

The North Bannock Fire Department (NBFD) responded to two brush fires on Friday, April 2.  Both were controlled burns that got out of control.

In light of this, the NBFD provided the following advice on their social media with respect to safely conducting controlled burns:

“North Bannock Firefighters responded to two brush fires today.  One was an assist in Inkom in the Indian Creek area.  The second was along our western border along the Portneuf River.  Both were controlled burns that got out of control.  The fire along the Portneuf River jumped the west side of the river and onto the east side.  It takes just a little wind to spread embers to the grasses and other fuels.  Please, don’t burn with winds over 10 mph.  Don’t leave the fire unattended for even just a minute.  Ensure you have plenty of water for suppression.  And create large fire breaks in the surrounding area to prevent it from getting too far ahead.  A huge thank you to the other agencies we worked with today including Inkom Fire, Pocatello Valley Fire, Chubbuck Fire, Fort Hall Fire and BLM. Your cooperation is appreciated.”

To learn more about NBFD, visit their Facebook page, here:  NBFD FB Page

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