April 5, 2021

Election integrity and voter suppression are major topics now as Republicans try to shore up the former and Democrats complain about the latter.  Legislation with potentially enormous consequences for the direction of the nation is moving through legislatures at both the federal and state levels.  Key to understanding the debate, including HR1 (“Voting Rights” Bill) and knowing where to lend your support, is what the Constitution has to say about elections and how the Founders interpreted it.

Tonight, at the Pine Ridge Mall, residents have an opportunity to learn about how elections were addressed in the Constitution as Art da Rosa, of Patriots and Liberty for Constitution, leads a discussion of Federalist 59 at the Pine Ridge Mall from 5:45 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.  Federalist 59, one of a series of articles commonly known as The Federalist Papers, was written by Alexander Hamilton.  The document addresses the issue of elections, and how the Framers viewed the concept of federalism as related to this issue.

Join the group tonight as they meet across from the Deseret bookstore.  There is no cost to attend.


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