April 30, 2021

Students today are growing up much faster than before.  The innocence of childhood seems to disappear at an ever younger age.  Sadly, that means that an increasing number of teens are making decisions about intimacy that can lead to life-altering consequences, from contracting STD’s to pregnancy.

Compassion & Hope Pregnancy Center wants to help parents of teens learn about what is really happening in their children’s social circles and to provide information designed to assist parents with resources to help their children through what can be a very challenging time.

Join them for a one-hour presentation on Tuesday, May 4, at 6:00 p.m.  The presentation, which includes a short video, will be held at Faith Lutheran Church, 856 W. Eldredge Road in Pocatello.

To learn more about Compassion & Hope Pregnancy Center, visit their Facebook page:



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