June 4, 2021

Today, Pocatello City Council Member Rick Cheatum announced his bid for re-election.  Cheatum currently holds Council Seat #6.

In announcing his run, Cheatum issued the following statement:

“Four years ago, I announced my intention to file for election to the Pocatello City Council.  Today, I am announcing my intention to seek re-election to that position.

It was my original goal to serve one term on the Council and not run again, leaving the seat open for new blood.  But, I have changed my mind and decided I would like to remain on the council to use what I have learned about city government to the benefit of Pocatello residents.  This city, and most of Idaho, is experiencing unprecedented growth.  Growth in population, growth in businesses, growth in land and housing values, growth in virtually every measurement is occurring.  But, with that growth comes challenges.  And that growth and those challenges must be managed.

The community we enjoy can be better for those who live here now and for the generations to come if we manage development instead of letting it happen haphazardly.  How many of you would like to see your children and grandchildren find a home and a job here instead of in a city located hundreds or thousands of miles away?  Today, we are building the foundation for that to happen in the future.  A friend who recently retired from public employment told me a few months ago that a city is never done.  The need for streets, sewer, water, police and fire service, housing, jobs, parks, and all the other services a city provides are constant, but the way they are provided is evolving with technology and changing demand.

I have learned a lot about Pocatello and local government in Idaho in the past 3 and half years, and I want to continue to apply that knowledge and be a part of guiding the future of this City.  To do that, I need the support of Pocatello voters to be re-elected November second.”

Cheatum goes on to explain how residents can support his campaign.

For more information, visit:  Cheatum for Pocatello | Rick Cheatum for Pocatello City Council

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